Best Car Cover Companies in South Africa

How do you find the best car cover companies in South Africa? Doing research is important and serves as a good indication as to which ones are providing good services and which ones need to improve. Here in this article, we will have a look at the best car cover companies in South Africa.

Car insurance companies are reviewed according to the positive- or negative reports they receive on sites such as Hellopeter. In recent years the company Miway has received the most compliments while a company like Regent has recorded the least compliments.

Those who review and research these car insurance companies for us, tell us that they categorise the way they look at these car companies. The allocate points to these companies by looking at things such as –

  • negative and positive feedback received
  • how the call centre treats- and responds to customers
  • how quick and thorough the repairs- and services are
  • billings and accounts
  • breach of contract

Best Car Cover Companies in South AfricaAt the end of last year, the website ‘Carinfo’ for instance compiled a list of both the best 10 as well as the worst, dodgiest insurance companies in South Africa.

Best Car Cover Companies in South Africa

Their findings were based on comments by users. Miway roped in the most compliments while companies such as Momentum, Outsurance and Discovery weren’t far behind. The list included their 10 of the best –

1. Miway
2. Discovery
3. Momentum
4. AA Insurance
5. Outsurance
6. Dial Direct
7. Auto and General
8. King Price
9. 1st for Women
10. Virgin Money

Why does a car insurance such as MiWay come out tops for South African drivers?

  • they provide affordable insurance that suits your needs and your pocket
  • they’re always available to their customers around the clock every day of the year
  • you can fix your car insurance premiums for a period of 36 months
  • Miway provide a hassle-free claims process
  • you can choose flexible excesses

Just like with anything else in life, you want cheap car insurance which will suit every need of yours. The only way to get the best, most affordable deal is to shop around for car insurance and compare quotes.

Your budget and your earnings are certainly going to be an important factor for you when looking for good, affordable car insurance. So even if you say you can’t afford insurance, there is still affordable cover that will at least pay for damages you caused to somebody else’s car, and this insurance cover is known as Third Party, Fire & Theft.

Car Insurance in South Africa is fairly straightforward. There are 3 types –

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance
  • Third Party Fire and Theft
  • Third Party only

Comprehensive Cover

Comprehensive car insurance provides South African with the broadest cover. Third Party Fire and Theft insurance provides cover for damages- as well as accidental death or injuries you cause to someone else’s vehicle. So Third Party Only insurance is the cheapest of the three. It covers you for damage you cause to the vehicle of another person as well as the accidental death of 3rd parties involved. Any damage to your own vehicle isn’t included in this cover.

So the best car insurance companies all provide these 3 kinds of insurance, making sure that for your budget, your lifestyle, your age and the type of car you have, there is the right cover just for you and from a reputable company.

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All info was correct at time of publishing January 13, 2019