Insurance Products for Women

    December 7, 2018

    1st for Women was the first South African insurance brokerage to arrange car insurance products for women. There policies are based on accident statistics and the needs of women drivers. Many of the brokers are women themselves and understand women’s requirements.

    1st for Women car insurance policies offer lower rates for women. The policies also offer a host of additional benefits designed to cater for the needs of women. The products answer the question ˜what do women want?”.

    Research into Insurance Products for Women

    1st for Women maintain that extensive research showed them that women are a much better insurance risk than men. That’s because, in general, they take fewer risks and make more considered decisions. They also pay better attention to the speed limit and are less inclined to road rage. Brokers for Insurance Products for Women

    They also state they found that the cost to repair women’s vehicles  is, on average, lower than the cost to repair vehicles crashed by men. This knowledge enabled First for Women to come up with a low cost, high benefit insurance products for women. Every policy package is especially for women.

    What features do 1st for Women Insurance Brokers offer?

    With life cover policies as well as home and building cover and several vehicle policies to choose from, 1st for Women has a range that they believe will suit all needs. 1st for Women includes these benefits automatically and not “free”. They also offer Value Added Products to ensure you get the most out of your insurance policy.

    What benefits?

    If you take out a comprehensive vehicle, motorcycle or buildings, and home contents policy, 1st for Women assure you that they can offer you peace of mind 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This, they say, is thanks to their Assist products which include emergency medical assistance, road assistance, trauma support, home support in the form of Artisans to fix anything that goes wrong in your home as well as access to all the best entertainment information and legal advice you need.

    For reliable cover with all the experience of the leaders in women’s insurance cover, look at 1st for Women to find the policy that is best for you. Auto and General underwrites 1st for Women. Auto and General is an authorised financial services provider.

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