Prosper Car Insurance in South Africa

Prosper Insurance is a South African insurance company that offers various insurance solutions to suit the needs of each. Because South Africa is a multilingual country, their consultants cater to English, Afrikaans, Zulu and Xhosa speakers.

Prosper insurance policies include cover for motor vehicles, motorcycles, watercrafts, trailers, caravans, portable possessions, home contents and buildings.

And regarding vehicle insurance, they offer comprehensive, third party only, fire and theft and comprehensive off-road cover.

Prosper Comprehensive

The comprehensive insurance option the company provides does allow claiming for damages if client’s vehicle was in an accident or stolen. Significantly, it also allows claims for damages caused to a third party’s vehicle or their property. Therefore, this is the Rolls

Prosper Car Insurance for South Africans

Royce of Prosper’s insurance offering.

Third-party, Fire and Theft

Third-party, fire and theft cover allows claims when a vehicle is damaged by fire, explosion, lighting or theft, as well as damages caused to third party vehicles. However, it does not allow claiming for accident damages to client’s vehicle. So this kind of insurance is halfway between comprehensive and third-party only cover.

Third Party Only

Third party only cover allows claiming for damages caused to other vehicles and property. Importantly, this is suitable insurance for clients who cannot afford more expensive insurance or have old vehicles that are not worth much. And it is the bare minimum car insurance you should have.

Offroad and 4×4

Off-road comprehensive insurance cover offered by Prosper is coverage for damages and theft to 4×4 vehicles but also damages to parties involved in the accident and their property.

Proper Assist

An additional benefit offered by Prosper is “Proper Assist”, which offers emergency assistance and support to every client’s household policy package. Take note that this option is exclusive to each client. And it can include road, medical and legal assistance.

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All info was correct at time of publishing November 4, 2018