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Standard Bank car insurance is part of the short term section of a giant financial company.

Standard Bank is one of South Africa and Africa’s leading banks.

It has operations in 32 countries around the world, including branches in Europe and South America besides operations in 20 African countries.

This bank was founded in 1862 in London has continued to grow and diversify its business. It now does investment banking besides personal and business banking.

A Bank That Has set the Standard For 154 Years

Standard Bank car insuranceIts insurance business is divided into two sections: Standard Bank Home Insurance and Standard Bank Car Insurance.
In the first category Standard Bank offers cover for the building, compensating you in case of damage to the structure. This category goes by the name of homeowners insurance.

The second kind of insurance offered by Standard Bank is household and vehicle insurance. This type of insurance covers the contents of a home and other valuable items. In addition to this it also covers motor vehicles.

Standard Bank vehicle insurance will see that you are compensated in case it gets damaged or stolen. Standard bank insurance is offered in partnership with South Africa’s top insurance and assurance companies.

This means that you will be treated to some of the best car insurance South Africa has to offer. The kinds of Standard Bank car insurance you can expect to get from this company include:

Comprehensive Cover from Standard

Comprehensive vehicle cover offers you many benefits. If you get involved in an accident and other people are injured or suffer loss as a result, you will not have to pay them. Your cover will take care of such expenses.

If your vehicle is damaged in an accident Standard Bank car insurance will take care of the repairs. Should fire cause damage to your car you will be compensated if you have this cover.

Comprehensive insurance also covers you in case your car gets stolen. When asking for car insurance quotes it is wise to know exactly what the insurance policy covers.

Comprehensive cover is always recommended although the premiums are a bit higher than those of other kinds of limited cover. This is because it covers the most kind of risks. It is not just a matter of getting cheap motor car insurance.

Mechanical Breakdown Cover

In case your car breaks down because some components are not working properly, you will receive compensation if you have this cover. The cost of towing the vehicle to the nearest repairer is also taken care of by Standard Bank car insurance.

Should your car break down far from your home the mechanical breakdown cover will pay for your stay in a hotel. And for the time that you are unable to use your car you will be given a car hire vehicle to facilitate your movement.

More about Standard Bank Car Insurance

You can find out more about Standard Bank car insurance covers from Standard Bank insurance brokers or looking up Standard Bank insurance online. Once you log onto the Standard Bank online banking website you will find contact details which you can call to get a Standard Bank insurance quote.

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All info was correct at time of publishing July 4, 2018