King Price Reviews

What Kind of King Price Reviews Are Out There?

  1. People rate them well thanks to their generous range of insurance products
  2. Their products are truly affordable
  3. Clients love that they only pay for insurance they seriously need
  4. An unusual feature is that they factor your car’s depreciation into the monthly premiums.
  5. A higher complimentary rate than other insurers on the likes of HelloPeter
  6. They factor in your vehicle’s depreciation

Don’t Pay for Any Cover you Don’t Want

King Price Insurance is the new kid on the block. They offer car, trailer and caravan, buildings as well as home contents insurance.

People are looking with interest at King Price as they boast with seriously cheap insurance in the short-term market. They are insurers who know that good prices are king. What customers particularly like about King Price Insurance is that you won’t pay for any cover that you don’t need.

King Price ReviewsIt’s a fact that most insurance policies come with a host of additional clauses to cover a range of possible calamities. It’s highly unlikely that these calamities are going to happen to you, so why pay for them?

King Price covers what you regard as essential – nothing more, nothing less.  This is how they’re able to offer cheaper premiums.

‘No Claims Bonus’ a Hoax?

One notable and unique feature with King Price Insurance is that they factor your car’s depreciation into the monthly premiums. Insurers place the onus on the insured to factor in their vehicle’s depreciation. But the King’s insurance adjusts premiums to accommodate this. King Price believes that your monthly premiums should get less as your car depreciates in value.

Another unique aspect with King Price is that they don’t agree with the ‘no claim bonus’. They say that insurance companies deliberately increase your premiums at first. That is so they can simply decrease them if you qualify for not filing claims within a certain period.

With an insurer that offers so much insight into insurance, what are customers saying about this new kid on the block?

More Positive Reviews for King Price

When you look at customer King Price reviews on Hellopeter they are far more positive than some of the other insurers. For instance, from the 1200 reports received about them over a 12 month period, 75% were complimentary and only 25% were complaints.

Most of the complaints were about their responses to reports so if they were to give more attention to this, their compliment rating would be even higher.

Since its inception in 2009, King Price Insurance aims to offer the best insurance products which suit all budgets.

King Price Reviews Show Lots of Happy Clients

In spite of this, King Price Insurance clients have gone to HelloPeter to air their views on the insurance company, some not so complimentary, but most say they’re very satisfied with King Price Insurance.

In fact, King Price Insurance say that they have more than 100 000 happy clients and that you can go onto their website’s testimonial and review page to see what their delighted clients are saying. You can call them too on 0860 50 50 50 if you feel that this is the insurance company that comes as close to your liking as possible.

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All info was correct at time of publishing February 9, 2019