What is the Road Accident Fund?

Road transportation’s importance in supporting and contributing directly to any economy is undeniable. That is why the Road Accident Fund is so vital.

Unfortunately, road accidents are an adverse outcome of economic growth, touching citizens generally and active society members particularly.

The private sector portion of the free market does not tackle the effect road accidents have on the economy.

The Road Accident Fund plays an Important role in the Economy

The RAF offers the country a safety net by providing insurance cover to benefit all road users.

The RAF provides cover to every South African road user, foreigners and citizens, against death or injuries from motor accidents.

RAF cover is an indemnity insurance to those guilty of causing an accident. Also, the RAF is a death and personal injury insurance to motor accident victims, as well as their families.

The responsibility of the RAF is providing insurance cover within the South African borders to all road users. Compensating and rehabilitating anyone injured from motor vehicle use in a caring and timely manner.

As well as promoting safe road use across South Africa, the RAF caters not only to South African citizens but foreigners within the South African borders.

Road Accident Fund policies

The two types of covers provided are Wrongdoers’Indemnity and Accident Victim’s Personal Insurance.

The fund’s main aim is to place the accident victim back into society with the Patient Outreach Program (POU).

The POU takes care of medical bills on behalf of an accident victim while in a hospital, guided by laws for injuries suffered in a car accident. Following discharge, the POU takes over the recovery process.

Road accident fund

The RAF claims application is very straightforward.

Using a legal claim form, the application has information on the claimed amounts, in addition to the place and date of the accident, the parties and vehicles involved

It is accompanied by the treating doctor’s medical report and an affidavit detailing the full accident particulars, witnesses’ statements, Police reports, Medical records including documents and vouchers in support of claimed amounts.

Motorists involved in the accident must provide detailed reports about the collision on a separate form with accompanying witness information, as requested by the RAF.

A claim is registered in the RAF system, which starts the beginning of an investigation. The validity of the claim is established and the merits of the case are confirmed which establish who is negligent and at fault and to what degree.

The loss or damage amounts are also included.

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All info was correct at time of publishing November 13, 2018