Bidvest Car Maintenance Plan

    November 7, 2018

    After investing heavily in buying a car, you obviously want to keep it in excellent condition. The Bidvest car maintenance plan helps you by cutting service costs.

    Anyone with a car will tell you that service is not cheap. The cash required is not always at hand when the service is due.

    Regular service not only ensures you drive your car without fear of a breakdown, it gives you a better resale value.  This is where car maintenance plans come in handy. Maintenance plans are useful when cars break down suddenly, often catching their owners financially flat-footed.

    Bidvest car Maintenance plan – Save cash and Treat your Car

    Not only do maintenance plans enable you to pay your repair bills easily, they also help you save money. The cost of vehicle parts and repairs are always on the increase. With a maintenance plan, you pay the same flat rate.

    Bidvest talks to the manufacturer of your vehicle to help get your repairs and maintenance work done at a reasonable price. Since they bring clients to the manufacturer, they get a better rate than you can negotiate for yourself.

    Bidvest Car Maintenance Plan

    This is not only better financially, but also technically, as your car is serviced by specialists who deal with the exact make of car.

    The Bidvest car maintenance plan gives you access to manufacturer warranty programmes as well. The manufacturer pays the repair bill if a  breakdown happens within a stipulated period.

    Your repair bills will be even lower as you profit from discounted car parts and labour charges. You also stand to save more as you get VAT tax credits on all the maintenance expenses.

    A Bidvest maintenance plan ensures that you are not being overcharged as they have industry specialists who deal with authorisations. Throughout your contract, your costs will remain constant regardless of any fluctuations in the automobile environment.

    How you Save money with Bidvest

    Bidvest Bank has established links with the automobile industry stemming first from its vehicle financing products. They help South Africans get the car of their dreams at affordable rates with additional benefits attached to it.

    Among the other benefits are tax effective purchasing, comprehensive insurance and assistance to sell your vehicle.

    They also assist when it comes to sourcing a new car and helping you to get it at the best possible price. With Bidvest Bank’s vehicle financing, you have the power of choice it offers you as a customer.

    You can opt for the instalment sale agreement, which allows you to pay for your car at your leisure over 72 months. If you want to complete payments faster you can settle for the finance lease agreement. With this arrangement, you can pay for your car in five years or less.

    And you can even get financing for a rental car with them.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing