About Sentrasure Insurance

There are benefits from short and long term insurance andĀ Sentrasure has all the short-term answers you need.

When looking for insurance, you need to first establish how long you will need the insurance for.

With health cover a long term plan may be important if you want to start a family.

If you’re healthy short term insurance might serve you better.

Sentrasure your One-Stop-Insurance-Shop

SentrasureSouth Africans appreciate Sentrasure Insurance because it offers tailored short-term insurance. It is insurance created by Mutual & Federal.

This means you benefit from flexibility, reputability and reliability when you purchase insurance policies from Sentrasure. You’ve got the stability of Mutual & Federal behind you.

Mutual & Federal is financially sound. They are the oldest short-term insurer in South Africa. Their history goes back over 180 years.

This well established insurance industry giant provides a foundation of products and capital. This is blended with Sentrasure’s offerings of excellent customer services and value for money products.

Sentrasure offers a broad range of customised insurance products. These products are for individuals, farmers as well as businesses.

Sentrasure Individual Insurance Products

  • Car insurance.
  • Personal cover.
  • Legal costs cover.
  • All Risk Insurance.
  • All Sure Insurance product.
  • Household insurance, among others.

Businesses can benefit from the likes of fire damage insurance, theft insurance, commercial motor vehicle insurance, accident insurance, fidelity insurance and more.

When comparing Sentrasure Insurance with others, they find it is committed to providing their customers with satisfaction. They offer a 24/7 customer service. They aim to make the claims process quick.

Clients are able to lodge their insurance claims online. They aim for a speedy turnaround time. If you need to register a claim, you don’t have to do it online – you can also fax or telephone.

Sentrasure An All-in-One Policy

Sentrasure also offers Allsure. This is a comprehensive all-in-one policy, covering most of the important insurance issues. Allsure is a comprehensive package for all your personal short-term insurance needs.

With it comes household and motor insurance as well as accident and all risk insurance. With Allsure you also get coverage of bereavement expenses and legal costs.

You could say that this package is perfect for individuals looking for total protection for themselves and theirĀ  assets. The advantage with All Sure Insurance is that it can be tailored so that it is made up of all the features you want.

AllSure caters for Unexpected Events and Cover Includes

  • Valuable items.
  • Watercraft.
  • Home structure.
  • Caravans, boats, trailers.
  • Computers, tablets

When it comes to looking for short-term insurance, a reliable, trustworthy service provider is what you want. Commendable client services and affordability are important. Sentrasure Insurance makes good sense because they are under the guidance of Mutual & Federal’s wisdom.

You can be sure that every asset of your is in good hands. If you require individual, commercial, corporate or farmer’s insurance, and you want to know more about Sentrasure, you can call Mutual & Federal.

They are always ready to offer their professional advice in finding a policy that meets your exact needs.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 9, 2018