Under 25 doesn’t have to mean heavier premiums – reduce your driver risk profile

There are very few things that compare to the anticipation and excitement of buying your first car at age under 25 and the feeling of self-accomplishment you experience when you climb behind the wheel of your new car for the first time.

For some, owning a car comes much sooner than for others and if you own a vehicle and are under 25, you would have already had to consider the importance of car insurance. While having a car at this stage of your life is highly advantageous, especially in the working world, the downside is that you are considered a high-risk driver. This is due to the fact that many insurers view drivers under the age of 25 as inexperienced and more likely to cause an accident.

So, how then are you able to reduce your driver risk profile and, in turn, reduce your monthly insurance premium?

The answer lies simply in making use of a vehicle tracking solution.

If you haven’t already looked into this, installing a vehicle tracking device into your vehicle can help reduce your overall risk, as well as your monthly insurance premium. This is largely due to the fact that having one installed, reduces the chances of theft or hijacking. Over and above such prevention however, a reputable vehicle tracking solution can offer you Under 25 and Car Insuranceother benefits including:

  • Under 25 – Driver behaviour monitoring

So often, we get behind the wheel and once we begin driving, become oblivious to how we drive – all we want to do is to get to our destination. While doing so, there are driving behaviours that we adopt like speeding and harsh braking – which not only places other motorists at risk, but can also impact your insurance premiums. Today, many insurers have programmes aimed at incentivising drivers for responsible driving behaviour, and with the help of your vehicle tracking device’s mobile app, you are able to view your overall driving style. This helps you identify bad driving habits and take corrective action. It’s easy – when you know better, you do better! 

  • Under 25 – Geo-fencing

You can probably recall the moment you got into your car for the first time, wanting to drive and go just about anywhere. Unfortunately, this new found sense of freedom may lead you to places that are not as safe as you think. With advanced vehicle tracking solutions, you are able to set up personal safety zones that indicate whether you are driving in a dangerous area – those places that are considered high risk areas, placing your vehicle and your personal safety, at risk.

  • Under 25 – Panic alert

The unfortunate reality is that being a motorist opens you up to risks such as hijackings and vehicle theft. With the help of vehicle tracking technology, a panic button will alert designated authorities and control centres of your exact location.

  • Under 25 – Roadside & medical assistance

As a motorist, there is sometimes no escaping unforeseen incidents like being stuck on the side of the road due to a flat tyre or running out of fuel. With value-added services from your vehicle tracking solution, you can alert the control room and rest assured that roadside assistance is on the way.

  • Under 25 – Crash alert

If you are involved in a car accident, your tracking device can send an immediate signal from the unit in your car, to a control room. After assessing the situation, assistance will be dispatched to the exact location of the vehicle – giving you immediate support.

While being a motorist can be very costly, resulting from various vehicle expenses including monthly repayments, increased fuel hikes as well as the occasional repair costs, investing in a vehicle tracking solution will give you value where it matters most.

By doing so, you are not only able to reduce your overall driver risk profile and consequently – insurance premiums, but have access to services that take both your personal and vehicle safety into account.

By Matrix


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All info was correct at time of publishing May 10, 2018