WeCover from Hollard

    January 17, 2018

    If you are looking for insurance that offers an amazing WeCover from Hollard.

    Hollard is a privately owned group and one of the largest in the country.

    WeCover from Hollard – What does it Cover?

    1. There’s nothing Hollard has left without cover – even your pets
    2. With car insurance, Hollard covers up to 23 major parts
    3. Hollard covers business clients as well as private individuals
    4. Pet insurance sees even senior pets being covered with a multi-pet discount for more than one pet
    5. If you can’t find the insurance you’re looking for, call Hollard on 0861 000 107.

    A Better Financial Future with Hollard

    They started out in 1980, and provide customers with short-term insurance, investment products as well as life insurance.

    The insurance products that Hollard offers its customers ensure a better future for their customers. Hollard are headquartered in Johannesburg and WeCover from WeCover from HollardHollard touches more than 6 million policyholders, not only in South Africa but in other countries too.

    They underwrite self-insurance programmes for corporate clients and individuals. WeCover provides insurance for their customer’s key assets, from their homes and cars to the contents of their homes to insuring pets.

    Car Insurance – you get so much more

    When it comes to car insurance from Hollard, the insurance groups says – ‘We cover up to 23 major parts of your car’. This includes the engine, braking system and gearbox among others. You can really feel secure with Hollard’s excellent car insurance and you also get mechanical breakdown insurance.

    Included in your car cover is their CoverXtender benefit which gives you an additional amount that you can use if the cost of the replacement part is more than the limit for that part. On South Africa’s treacherous roads, it’s good to know you also get free 24/7 Emergency and assist services.

    About WeCover

    Wecover from Hollard also includes funeral cover. For a mere R97.45 per month with Hollard, you get funeral cover of up to R20000. Not only that, you’ll be paid out a single payment of 20% every 5 years from the premiums you’ve paid for your funeral policy.You also get animmediate accidental death benefit which comes into play as soon as Hollard gets your first payment. Other features include cover for your partner and children, a monthly provider benefit to help with monthly expenses as well as a memorial benefit to help with the expenses of a tombstone.

    Hollard knows that making arrangements for a funeral can be tricky if you have to rely on public transport. Their Vehicle Access Benefit Service tackles this problems because it provides a rental vehicle from AVIS when the principal member dies. There are other benefits worth investigating with their Funeral Cover and this includes their Educator Benefit.

    Life Cover

    Wecover includes Life Cover – this includes critical illness cover for instance which not only cover 57 serious illnesses but you will also receive up to R7.5 million to cover medical costs. There is also a bonus you receive for time you spend in hospital. Their disability cover is massively useful as it will replace your income if you’re unable to work. You can get a single payment of up to R10 million and also monthly income payments of as much as R100 000.

    Retirement products – with their Pension Preservation Plan you can preserve your existing pension fund savings in a tax efficient way. Benefits you receive include among other access to different investment portfolio options. They’ve also got their Provident Preservation Plan and their Retirement Annuity Plan.

    Hollard Wecover also offers travel insurance, they do loans and they also offer legal cover where you can get a free 30-minute legal consultation session and where you get paid out anything between R120 000 and R200 000 per matter.

    With Hollard Wecover, you can see that Hollard have got everything covered.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing