Toyota Automark Warranty Explained

Some people don’t trust the idea of buying a second hand- or used car. They say the facts don’t tell you everything. When you do things the right way, a used car from a reliable source can be a brilliant decision. You get to drive your dream car, but at a fraction of the cost of a brand new one. A second-hand car from a proper source is all about reliability. So without a dealer, people get a Toyota automark warranty for their new vehicle.

The Promise of Quality from all Toyota Dealerships

Toyota certifies all their pre-owned cars. The Automark promise is a well-known promise that offers surety when purchasing a Toyota secondhand vehicle or any other brand. Toyota Automark WarrantyAutomark has grown in South Africa. Hence In 2007 a decision was made that Toyota firms in South Africa include the Automark Warranty. It makes sense that sales rocketed because people could finally buy a used quality car with the greatest of confidence.

Automark has grown in South Africa since 1982. At first, there were six pilot dealers. But other dealers applied to have Automark as part of their dealerships as well. In 2007, it was a decision that Automark includes in all dealerships of Toyota in South Africa. This increased the number of dealerships as well as the amount of motor vehicles sold by Automark.

Toyota Automark Warranty – an Automotive Success Story

When you buy pre-owned vehicles. The Toyota Automark Promise means that you can have confidence that you’re buying the best-used cars. In addition Toyota is a brand name well-known for quality. Toyota offers a good range of models that cater for the city- and country dweller. These cars all offer fantastic features and have the backing of a brand that is an automotive success story.

These approved used vehicles have gone through testing and check to guarantee quality. Just some of the benefits of buying an Automark vehicle –

  • you get an honest full-service history
  • a 7-day exchange plan
  • guaranteed mileage
  • fuel efficiency and excellent performance potential


You can say that the Toyota Automark Warranty is –
  • backed by a leading, popular brand – Toyota
  • the model of the car is guaranteed
  • the vehicle is technically and mechanically certified
  • you can be 100% sure the car is not stolen
  • you get the Automark Genuine Warranty
  • every Toyota vehicle is subject to a thorough, proper check

So when you choose a car through the Automark range, you get quality secondhand cars you can trust. When you’re looking for a car online from a Toyota Automark dealer, you can check images, the financing, and more. There are always specials that the managers of these dealerships recommend as well. Sometimes you can pick up a bargain.

Toyota assists you with applying for vehicle finance. And there is a team of financial experts who can guide you through the process to get the best deal. They apply for car finance at all the major finance houses, allowing you to get new, secondhand- or a demo vehicle.

Reliability and Efficiency – it’s Yours

The Toyota Automark Warranty also includes a maintenance plan approved by Toyota SA Motors. It’s this kind of reliability and efficiency that make people see why Toyota is such a success story.

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 2, 2018