Unitrans VW Master Car Warranty

For close to 80 years, Volkswagen, better known as VW has made a name for itself around the world. And don’t forget about the Unitrans VW master car warranty.

The German automobile company, whose name translates to “people’s automobile” founded itself on the premise of making cars for the people. It is an oath that the company has faithfully lived up to over the past eight decades.

Popular brands such as the Beetle and the Golf have borne out VW’s devotion to high-quality cars for the common man. It is no surprise that these and other models such as the Jetta and Passat are popular with South African drivers.

Unitrans VW Master Car WarrantyVWs demand special care

Anyone who knows a thing or two about German cars knows that they require meticulous service to maintain their high levels of performance. It’s Easier said than done, though.
You cannot afford to replace parts on a VW with cheap replicas, and original parts don’t come cheap. All is fine and dandy while the car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty.

But how will you keep up your VW’s demanding maintenance and service beyond the warranty period without going broke?

The answer is a Unitrans VW Master Car Warranty. With this, you will be able to seamlessly maintain your car’s regular service and cater for the odd breakdown after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

How is this possible? Your VW Master Car Warranty will cover all the car parts covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. All you must meet the terms and conditions put down by Unitrans and sign the contract.

Requirements for Unitrans VW Master Car Warranty

As with any insurance product, there are a few strings attached to this warranty. They include:

  • You must present a full-service history for your car.
  • The car must undergo an 80-point check to qualify for this warranty.
  • Your car must not be more than five years old or have done more than 120,000km.

Once you have met these conditions, you will be able to sign up and become a VW Master Car Warranty subscriber. You will pay a fixed premium monthly.

For this, you will be able to get your car serviced at any of the dealers whenever it is due for service. They will also take care of sudden breakdowns to a vehicle.

If some parts require being replaced, you won’t need to buy them from your pocket. Unitrans will foot the bill for everything, but only up to a pre-agreed limit. All you need to do is process a claim whenever you get service.

Claim conditions

Whenever you get service, they will issue a claim to you. The conditions include:

  • Don’t use fake parts to repair broken parts.
  • You must not tamper with the odometer.
  • You have not had your car repaired at an unauthorised centre.
  • This warranty won’t cover wear and tear on some parts. Such parts include brake pads, drive belts and wiper blades.


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All info was correct at time of publishing November 29, 2018