Comprehensive Car Insurance from Hollard

Most people think that all car insurance policies are the same regardless of which company they choose. However, comprehensive car insurance from Hollard is unique.

First, an introduction to car insurance. Most companies will offer a selection of third party, third party, Fire and Theft or Comprehensive. But each of the companies may provide additional benefits if you insure with them.

A third party policy will only cover for injuries or damages to third parties and will not pay anything to you for your injuries or damages. And third party fire and theft is similar. However, it will pay you should your car get damaged due to natural causes such as flood or fire or, may even replace your vehicle if it gets stolen. Comprehensive insurance pays both third parties and the insured if they sustain damages or injuries.

Comprehensive Car Insurance from Hollard is Great

Comprehensive Car Insurance from Hollard

How these companies policies may differ, though, is the excess you have to pay on any claim. All insurance companies will require what they call an excess payment on each claim. The excess is a set amount of money or percentage that the car owner must pay when making a claim.

Another difference is the cost of each policy. And another is the condition that will make the deal the same price each time you renew it. For instance, on comprehensive insurance, Hollard Insurance, will give you a 10% discount if you have put in no claims within 36 months. But not all insurance companies offer this benefit.

Hollard will also reduce the cost by a further 10% if you go another 36 months without making a claim. This feature means that the cost of your Hollard policy could reduce by as much as 20%, which translates into a saving of one-fifth on car insurance.

Although many people think that any insurance coverage is expensive, it is possible to reduce the amount you pay by choosing your insurance carefully.  Also, you should select the company you take the insurance out with carefully. Car owners who have had to make claims or one reason or another would certainly agree that insurance may be expensive. But know that those payments are worth it if you are unfortunate enough to be in an accident.

Comprehensive Car Insurance from Hollard is Different

The price of any policy will depend on the make of your vehicle and how old it is. But it can also be affected, comprehensive insurance at least, by the different features you want in the policy. For instance, would you want to claim if you lose your car keys or the remote control? With comprehensive insurance, the options are almost endless. But of course, each of the additional options may affect the price of the policy. Therefore it is best to shop around to see which insurance company seems to offer the best rates for the features you want.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 19, 2018