Ways To Make Your Car Look New Again

Feeling good about your car will make you less likely to want to upgrade to a new vehicle and there are some quick and easy ways to make your car feel new again. Here we will look at ways to make your car look new again.

Cheap Solutions – Make Your Car Look New Again

Clean and organize your vehicle

  • Always empty rubbish out of your car and regularly dust your dashboard
  • Invest in a professional clean at least once a year
  • Use ziplock bags to organize items in the cubby hole (manuals, tools, chargers etc.)
  • Take your car to a carwash every few weeks (or do it yourself)
  • Use a toilet brush to clean your wheels


Car Look New Again

Replace floor mats

  • Floor mats deteriorate quickly and you can replace them with rubber ones
  • These will protect the car’s carpet and prevent the growth of mold


Replace windshield wipers

  • Clean your wipers weekly during wet weather with a microfibre cloth and replace the blades every few months
  • Consider replacing the entire wipers if they are too weak in wet weather


Invest in seat covers

  • Cover up damaged seats (or protect existing seats) with a good set of covers


Clean windows

  • Clean your windows on the inside and outside to increase driver visibility and to make the car look cleaner
  • You can use window cleaner and a microfibre cloth or soapy water and newspaper
  • This is especially important if you regularly transport children – the back windows can get very grimy.


Repair scratches and dents

  • Depending on the depth of the scratches, some can be repaired with scratch repair pens while others will need more intensive repairs
  • Dents can be repaired with various methods such as the suction method or the hot glue method.


Keep your car in a good running condition

  • Basic maintenance is always important and will keep your car running smoothly for longer
  • This includes tasks like oil changes and filters replacement


More expensive solutions – Make Your Car Look New Again

  • Clean seats and carpets make your car feel new and are worth doing at least twice a year (or more regularly if food and drink is consumed in your vehicle)
  • Older cars’ systems are often poor, and you can dramatically improve your car’s sound by replacing the speakers
  • For a higher cost, you could also upgrade the system, so you can plug in your smartphone


Expensive solutions – Make Your Car Look New Again

  • If you cant replace a dent or scratch, look online for replacement parts
  • This can dramatically improve your car’s look.
  • Wheels can make the car look dated, especially if there are missing hubcaps or scrapes on them
  • A new set of wheels are expensive, but they will keep your car looking good and running better for a long time.


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All info was correct at time of publishing April 26, 2018