The Automobile Association of South Africa revealed.

    January 24, 2019

    What is the Automobile Association? Thank you for asking. The AA is:

    • An organisation geared towards helping keep you safe when travelling
    • A household name in the automotive industry
    • An innovative company that provides solutions you can trust
    • The pioneer of roadside assistance in South Africa
    • One of our trusted names in short-term insurance
    • A firm that offers a large range of services catering for every motoring and travelling need

    Since its formation in 1930, the Automobile Association (AA) has championed the rights of the South African road user. Their aim is to provide members with a range of free and paid services that ensure their safety while travelling.

    Informing the South African Public about What is the Automobile Association

    What is the Automobile AssociationThe AA has been keeping South Africans up to date with the latest in road safety information, petrol prices, etc. The website is a mine of information allowing you to look up a wide range of things. Whether you want to know what the latest petrol price is or the distance from Paarl to Johannesburg, you’ll find it there.

    You can even use the site to calculate how much the journey will cost in terms of petrol and wear and tear on your car. Whether you are looking for maps, or you want to insure your precious vehicle, the AA has you covered.

    What is the Automobile Association – Taking giant Strides ahead

    Initially founded for the assistance of motorists, the AA has now started to incorporate more forms of transport as well. They aim to be a full travel solution for you – from air tickets to luggage and travel insurance.

    The AA prides itself in being a passionate advocate for its clients. Its aim is to not only champion the cause for motorists in South Africa but for travellers in general.

    The benefits of Membership

    When you need a professional to check a car before you buy it, you can call in the AA to check that the vehicle is in good condition.

    If you need an experienced technician to get you back onto the road, the AA can assist. They have experienced technicians that are able to repair around about 96% of the cars that are presently driven.

    The AA has negotiated a range of discounts with many of its partners to allow you to save money. This includes things like reductions in the cost of International Driving Permits and extends to technical services from DEKRA.

    Extra services the Automobile Association offer To assist You with Safer driving

    You can choose to take the Know Your Car Course offered by the AA if you are based in Cape Town or Johannesburg. There are many other discounted rates that you will have access to and the list is added to regularly.

    The AA has its “Show Your Card and Save” programme that operates when you are travelling internationally. You are able to earn rewards and qualify for better rates and discounts on leisure activities, accommodation, travel goods, to name but a few.

    In addition, depending on membership level, you could qualify for the waiver of up to half the excesses on your AA vehicle policy.

    Automobile Association  Insurance

    The AA also offers comprehensive vehicle and household insurance at affordable rates.

    If you would like to see how competitive they are, complete the form on the page and then submit the form to get a  no-obligation quote.

    All info was correct at time of publishing