CompareGuru Provides Comparative Car Insurance Quotes

    October 27, 2018

    Compareguru knows that for most people in South Africa, car insurance is a significant expense in our budgets.

    It is expensive enough for us to search for an insurance company that offers great policies at cheapest rates. Searching, of course, can take quite some time.

    South Africa has a multitude of companies that offer insurance. However, thankfully South Africa has an option that makes this process far easier and also far quicker.

    Is it a Bird? Is it a Bat? No, it’s Compareguru here to rescue You

    The faster, easier option is to go online and visit CompareGuru makes your task easier by placing all the insurance quotes in one file where you can compare them.

    Otherwise, you have to visit many different websites and be ready to write down the prices quoted on each one.

    By comparing the prices of various companies people often make savings of 25% or more. And so lose none of their existing cover.

    These savings apply to any car insurance you may take out, whether it is Third party only, Third party fire and theft or Comprehensive.

    Many people do of course save on buying either Third party only or Third party fire and theft, however with a lower price from CompareGuru for Comprehensive, many of them change.

    Cheaper insurance is Not necessarily Better

    compareguruAlthough cheaper policies cover any damages or injuries to any third party, they do not cover your expenses. You have to pay for any damages or injuries incurred.

    Comprehensive insurance not only covers your expenses but a policy can cover almost any situation. This includes the loss of car keys, a replacement windshield or even a blown tyre.

    Third party insurance is a legal requirement everywhere and is worth having as it gives you peace of mind. Should an accident happen, any injuries to a third party could be paid for immediately, however much the cost of those injuries.

    Comprehensive insurance costs more, but it does ensure that your car is not off the road for weeks. Awaiting you saving up the money for the repairs.

    All insurance companies charge an excess fee on claims, however by using CompareGuru, you can see what each insurance company mandate as their amount of that excess.

    Sometimes, by choosing insurance with a high excess charge, you can make savings on the policy and will only have to pay that higher excess charge.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing