Petrol Saving Tips for South African Car Owners

The cost of living in South Africa is constantly increasing, making it difficult for many consumers to make ends meet. Many South Africans live in debt as costs of basic goods and services rise faster than the rate of inflation. In this article, we will have a look at how you can save on petrol.

Transport is a significant cost for many South Africans and petrol costs can consume a sizeable chunk of your earnings. The fuel price fluctuates constantly. And when it goes up, the cost of other goods and services such as utilities and food tends to rise also. However, when it goes down, these other prices don’t tend to decrease so the only advantage is spending slightly less at the petrol station.

Save on petrol with these tips:

Save on petrolWith some small adjustments in behavior, you can save on your fuel bill. Below are some tips to save on petrol:

  • Fill up in the morning – fuel is stored underground and is denser at cooler temperatures. As the ground gets warmer, so the fuel expands, and you receive less in your tank.
  • Fill your tank when it’s half empty rather than closer to empty. The first half of the tank lasts longer because there is less air in the tank allowing the fuel to evaporate more easily.
  • Don’t drive aggressively – this uses more petrol than necessary, especially high revving and faster speeds over short distances.
  • Drive in as high a gear as possible – low gears use more fuel.
  • Carpool whenever possible with others who live or work nearby and avoid traveling alone.
  • Don’t overuse your brakes or accelerator – these both waste petrol, it is far more economical to drive at a constant speed
  • Try not to use the air conditioner too much as this can increase your fuel usage by as much as 20%; however, driving with the windows open uses even more fuel.
  • Service your car regularly – dirty air filters or faulty spark plugs can cause your car to run less efficiently.
  • Ensure your tire pressure is correct.
  • If your vehicle uses diesel, shop around for the best prices because they can vary quite significantly.
  • Use cruise control if you have this feature – driving at a constant speed is most economical.
  • Accelerate on downhills so that your car will more easily maintain speed on uphills and roll up to stop streets.
  • Understand the timing of your local traffic lights so that you can make the best use of their synchronization without constantly stopping and starting.


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All info was correct at time of publishing April 24, 2018