Interesting facts about the Automobile Association

Below is a short list of AA information you should know about before you search for car insurance on the web.

  • The goal of the AA is to make travelling safer for you
  • The AA is a well-established brand in South Africa
  • It was the AA that first introduced roadside assistance in this country
  • The short-term insurance industry is still trying to catch up with the AA
  • The services available to you are not limited to road travel
  • The AA champions the rights of travellers and motorists


The AA was initially formed in South Africa in 1930 with the goal of making travel safer and simpler for road users. Members are provided with a range of different benefits, depending on their membership level. However, regardless of the level you are on you get 100% support from the AA

All AA information is Geared to Teaching motorists on the Need for road Safety

AA informationThe AA offers both free and paid services. They work towards improving road safety by pushing for stricter laws against poor driving. The AA also educate road users on how to drive more safely, and they provide advice on vehicle maintenance, getting the best performance out of your car and reducing fuel consumption.

A service For all Travellers

The AA aims to make travel easier and more cost-effective for all travellers. It assists with things such as air tickets and insurance as well. You can approach the AA for advice on a range of different transport options now.

The benefits of an AA membership

Membership benefits are varied and range from assistance in an emergency event to helping you make the right decision when buying a car.

If you have a breakdown, the AA sends a qualified technician to see how best to get your car mobile again. Should you not be able to drive your car, the AA will arrange for it to be towed.

If someone steals or vandalises your car, the Advantage Plus plan has you covered. You can request that a security guard accompanies you while waiting for the car to be repaired. Should the incident occur 100km or more from your home, the Advantage Plus plan has added benefits. This includes:

  • Accommodation for one night
  • Towing your car to your home town
  • Repatriation services


The AA also has its own rewards programme. When travelling abroad, you can use your AA membership card to qualify for discounts on travel goods, accommodation, leisure activities, etc. There are additional insurance benefits for members travelling overseas as well.

AA information, AA membership and AA Insurance

You can also qualify for better rates on your car and household insurance through the AA. A big plus is that, if you have Comprehensive vehicle cover, you might qualify for a reduced excess payment automatically. Members qualify for their excess to be waived when using an AA-approved insurer.

AA Insurance offers a range of affordable options for vehicle and household cover for members and non-members alike. Should you take out a comprehensive plan, your premiums will decrease every year, as long as your risk profile is the still the same or has improved.

Should you take out a comprehensive plan, your premiums will decrease every year, as long as your risk profile is the still the same or has improved.

If you would like a free quote on vehicle insurance from the AA, all you need to do is to complete the form on the page.

All info was correct at time of publishing January 26, 2019