Cars that have Cheap Insurance

Expensive cars cost more to insure and cars that have cheap Insurance are, well, cheap cars!

In many cases this holds true. However, cars featuring the lowest insurance payments may surprise new car shoppers.

According to an study, certain SUVs feature amongst the best vehicles with cheap insurance.

However, the lowest premium is not always attached to the lowest value car model either. This is due to insurance premiums calculated on a ‘per model’ claims cost.

For example, If Model X has relatively fewer claims than Model Y, then Model X drivers on average crash fewer times.

The above results in a cheaper average repair cost claim which all contribute toward Model X ‘s lower insurance premiums.

Cars that have Cheap Insurance are Changing

For those looking to lower insurance costs without sacrificing space and comfort, consider any of the following seven cars here. Considered by as the cheapest models of 2013 to insure.

Cars that have Cheap Insurance

2013 Ford Edge SE

With an insurance premium average of $1,126 annually, the Ford Edge SE leads the list from of 2013 models that are cheap to insure.

The Edge has three engine configurations, five-passenger seating and features a choice of four cylinders and six-cylinders options.

The Edge SE featuring four cylinders, two-litre EcoBoost engine and four-wheel drive with a six-speed automatic transmission is the cheapest to insure.

This model sports the greatest fuel economy at twenty-one mpg in the city and thirty mpg on the highway.

The pairing of small insurance payments and cheap fuel costs makes this a top, long term and affordable choice.

Cars that have cheap insurance – 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

Low running costs also characterise this five-passenger SUV, including a yearly $1,128 on average to insure.

This model comes with a V6 or an optional V8.  The lower insurance price is attached to the V6 engine choice. The vehicle offers higher capability, such as trail driving and towing.

A range of packages and options from Jeep, such as off-road and four-wheel drive packages, makes the Grand Cherokee an ideal choice for much more than grocery store runs.

2013 Subaru Outback 2.5 Premium

Not quite SUV or a waggon, the Subaru Outback occupies a grey area in classification. It nevertheless offers the best of both worlds, due to its versatility.

Comfortable space for five, ample rear seat, adequate ground clearance and the brand’s famed all-wheel drive drivetrain combine to make the Outback accomplished.

The mid-range premium trim couples with the standard four-cylinder engine also make this vehicle cheaper to insure. Offered with a choice of transmissions, a CVT automatic or a manual, the latter being standard.

2013 Kia Sportage

The Sportage, the compact crossover from Kia, oozes value and style. One of its attractive attributes is its low median insurance price of $1,157.

It comes with only one engine choice, 2.4 litres four-cylinder power plant. Transmission choices are either six-speed automatic or six-speed manual.

The optional all-wheel drive is also featured within its trim levels, with the most economical being the front wheel drive variation.

The automatic version records highway mpg figures of about thirty.

2013 Jeep Patriot Sport

According to Jeep, its compact SUV, the Patriot, is the cheapest SUV in the USA. Starting at $15,995, this model is priced similarly to a compact hatchback.

The base version attracts the lowest insurance premiums, about $1,160 on average yearly.

The engine choices are the base two-liter and possible 2.4 litres four cylinder motor, with either a standard manual five-speed or a CVT automatic.

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All info was correct at time of publishing November 11, 2018