Low Cost Car Insurance With Good Cover

Just about every insurer will offer you low cost car insurance.

But the trick is to find the lowest car insurance that will offer you comprehensive cover which includes protection against huge financial costs.

Financial devastation can come about as a result of damage to your vehicle, burdens arising from a third party as well as any injuries that came about as a result of an accident.

With your low cost car insurance, you should also be covered for other things such as vehicle theft, hijacking, break-ins, damage from rain, wind and hail. Your insurance should provide cover for you more than your third party liability insurance, fire and theft.

Low Cost Car Insurance from Hollard – Widely Known and Appreciated

Low cost car insuranceThere is an insurer who will offer you good low cost car insurance. Hollard car insurance doesn’t only look after you, but it takes care of your passengers, pedestrians and other drivers.

Their Pay As You Drive means you only pay for the actual kilometres you drive. This means you save on motor insurance premiums while still benefiting from the same comprehensive cover on your vehicle.

Hollard offers you a comprehensive low cost car insurance option and this includes all the risks listed

  • A tracking system will be installed in your vehicle so make sure you vehicle gets recovered if it gets stolen. The tracking device will also monitor your mileage according to the premium calculated on your monthly payments. You can avail yourself of full driving records that you can find online. You will also be able to see just where your vehicle is. On the car an emergency button will have been fitted that you will press. This is to call for help should you be hijacked along the road or you need help
  • R15000 life cover should there be death while driving the insured vehicle. This will be paid out to your family
  • When your vehicle gets repaired by a service provider on the list provided, the repairs will be guaranteed
  • There is an option of car hire in case of vehicle theft, hijacking or accident while you are waiting for the vehicle to be repaired
  • Should your vehicle be stolen, hijacked or in an accident, there will be a vehicle replacement option for you to choose should your vehicle have become unrepairable
  • Credit shortfall cover which is optional

The list of benefits in combination with low cost car insurance rates shows that you can genuinely get affordable and comprehensive cover in one.

The Less You drive the More You Score

This unique insurance plan from Hollard offers you low insurance the less you drive, to put it simply. What you have to do is to choose the driving plan options that suit you best regarding what your monthly mileage is.

Should you exceed what you choose as your monthly kilometres, you can either used the previous kilometres that were unused in your DriveSave auto account or you can pay for the kilometres used.

Grace Period Kilometers

When you register and your policy becomes active, you will receive one month of free DrivePlan kilometres. This is known as ‘Grace Period Kilometers’. You monitor what you drive each month to enable you to choose the right plan.

A device that will monitor the data will be installed in your car and every month you will get a statement so you can keep track of kilometres covered each month.

You can also adjust your option to suit your needs. Contact Hollard online, they will call you back to discuss all their benefits for you to choose from. It just simply gives you peace of mind.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 2, 2018