Where Do I Buy Car Insurance in South Africa?

When you decide to buy car insurance, you will face many options. Naturally, you will want to sift through the many products on offer and find an affordable one that meets your needs. So you ask yourself, where do I buy car insurance in South Africa?

One of the options worth considering is the car insurance from iWYZE, a product of Old Mutual, a familiar name in the insurance world. Besides the globally respected reputation of Old Mutual, why should you go for iWYZE?

Where Do I Buy Car Insurance?

We all love the power of choice. Before you sign the dotted line, you will want assurance that the product meets your specific needs.

where do i buy car insuranceAnd you are well within your rights to insist on this, after all, it’s you who will be footing the monthly premiums. You will, therefore, be glad to know iWYZE offers you four car insurance options.

You might know about the standard car cover categories- third party only, third party, fire and theft and comprehensive insurance. But over and above these regular options, Old Mutual has thrown in a fourth choice.

The Options:

  • iWYZE Comprehensive car insurance – Like the name implies this kind of car insurance covers you against most types of risk that can happen while you’re on the road or when the vehicle is stationary.

If you are in an accident. This product will see the repairs both to the other party’s car and your vehicle are taken care of. In the event of your vehicle being stolen, you will be compensated under this cover.

Should your vehicle be by fire, lightning or an explosion, Old Mutual will reimburse you. Depending on your agreement with the company and the extent of the damage, they will cover you.

  • Third-party, fire and theft – This is a more limited kind of protection that covers you for loss by fire or theft as well as damage caused to other people by your car. However, if you write off or damage your car in an accident, you will have to shoulder the loss yourself.
  • Drive iWYZE Lite – this product is similar to third-party, fire and theft but it has an interesting twist. You get the same level of cover all for half the price of the traditional car cover.
  • Third-party only – This is the most basic level of motor insurance available to car owners in South Africa.


Your Cover

If you’re involved in an accident (very likely given the country’s alarming accident rate), you won’t have to compensate the other party if you’re found to be in the wrong.

Even if that other party takes matters to court, you won’t have to fork out any damages if the ruling goes against you. Old Mutual will also pay your legal fees.

The cost of these offerings will vary according to the level of cover they offer. But you can give yourself added peace of mind by taking on some of the optional extras to your policy. Hopefully your question, “Where Do I Buy Car Insurance?” is answered.

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 1, 2018