King Price Car Insurance Quotation

    November 27, 2018

    King Price Car Insurance Quotation. King Price have a unique take on car insurance; an approach that has seen them win over many clients. They put themselves in their prospective clients’ shoes and ask the question which others won’t.

    If the value of my car is depreciating every minute it’s out of the showroom, why don’t my insurance premiums go down as well?

    And the answer for them is, why not! They, therefore, pride themselves in being the first car insurance company in South Africa to offer subscribers decreasing premiums.


    Car Insurance QuotationTypes of King Price Car Insurance

    King Price offers South Africans three main types of cover: comprehensive, third party, fire and theft and third party only.

    Besides protecting you against loss from road accidents, fire, theft and other eventualities, King Price car insurance offers extra goodies. These will require you to top up on your premium, but they offer real value.

    Car hire: If your car is grounded for repair works, for instance, wouldn’t it be nice to have another car to zip around in? For this, you can ask for the car hire benefit.

    Car sound equipment and accessories: The car sound equipment and other accessories cover are also very handy in the face of rising car theft cases. In the event your car is stolen, you can get back the same quality of sound you were used to.

    Emergency Assist: Should your faithful car break down on you in an inconvenient location, they will rescue you. You just need to call the emergency hotline.

    South African Special Risk Insurance Association: While your ordinary car insurance cover won’t cover you against damage in riots, this one will.

    Getting your King Price car insurance quotation

    King Price has made it easy for anyone who desires a car insurance quotation from them to get it immediately. You can either call them directly on 0860 00 98 72 or send them your details via their website, and they will call you back.

    Their support staff will answer all the questions you have and help you select the product that best suits you.

    If you don’t mind a less immediate and less personal way of communication, you can get the website’s messaging service. After sending your message, you will receive a reply through the email address you specified.

    Getting your King Price Car Insurance Quotation online

    You will need to provide some details along with your request for information. Your contact information is required along with some details about your car.

    When getting a quote online, you will be provided with a calculator that features a slider. The slider lets you see how much you require to pay in premiums vis-à-vis the excess you will need to pay when processing a claim.

    The higher the premium you’re willing to pay, the lower the excess you will contribute when a risk event occurs.

    Complete and submit the form on this page to get your car insurance quote

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