Discovery insure have plans for your safety

    January 27, 2019

    What benefits and extras do I get with Discovery insure products?

    • Get a reward for safe driving
    • Receive up to a maximum of R800 back of what you spend in fuel
    • Earn rewards in many different ways
    • Choose your own excess
    • Change the level of cover to suit your budget

    Discovery is an innovative company that thanks you for reducing your risk profile and gives you the chance to earn rewards that really make a difference. You also get a lot of flexibility when it comes to customising your cover.

    You can increase your excess to reduce your premiums plus an option to include electronic items that you carry around with you. Or choose a lower write-off value for your car.

    Safety features that Make a Difference with Discovery insure 

    Discovery insure Discovery has been turning heads here and abroad with their innovative ImpactAlert. If the system senses an impact, Discovery will try to get hold of you and send help when you need it. You will also receive weather warnings and are able to turn your smartphone into a panic button for your vehicle.

    Discovery insure – Making your Life easier

    With our smartphone apps, you can log claims and even do your own vehicle pre-inspection. Our technology tracks the way you drive and rewards you for driving well.

    Roadside assistance With a Difference

    Discovery’s TripMonitor is a unique helpline that stays in contact with you until you confirm that you have arrived safely. Direction Assist helps with directions.

    Comprehensive car Insurance

    Discovery’s Comprehensive car insurance has the following benefits:

    • No excess paid if your vehicle is stolen or if damaged by a weather-related incident
    • Excess is also not payable if the accident was not your fault and the other party was insured
    • Choose the excess you want to pay on any other claims. Increasing your excess helps to reduce your monthly premium
    • You can have the retail car value boosted by 15% when you claim. That means that you get what your car would retail at, plus an additional 15%
    • Automatically have emergency assistance included on both TripMonitor and DirectionAssist
    • If your car is undrivable, you can hire a car for up to 30 days or make use of the Uber service while waiting for your car to be fixed
    • You can decrease the value at which your car is considered a write-off. That means that insurance will pay out rather than repair at a reduced damage level
    • Receive cash back on half of the amount you spend on fuel, up to a maximum of R800 a month

    These are just some of the main benefits from Discovery. The company aims to be the market leader when it comes to innovative insurance products and rewards that add real value.

    If you would like to request a quote for vehicle insurance, all you need to do is to complete and submit the form on this page.

    All info was correct at time of publishing