Auto Insurance Tips and Mistakes

Policyholders and prospective policyholders are everyday people who, therefore, have little or no knowledge of the auto insurance industry. And because we want you to avoid common mistakes we have put together some of the best auto insurance tips.

Auto Insurance Tips to avoid common mistakes

Not many motorists in South Africa have car insurance. And those who do have insurance can sometimes find themselves in a bad situation. And that’s all because they did not know this crucial information.

Unroadworthy vehicle

Auto Insurance Tips

Sometimes policyholders overlook some of the most trivial but important components that warrant a roadworthy vehicle. Significantly, if a policyholder has a car accident and the insurance company learns that the car had a broken or cracked windscreen or another defect, then the insurance company may reject the claim because the vehicle was not roadworthy.

Reckless and unlawful driving

Reckless driving does not only put a policyholder at risk but may result in him/her paying higher premiums. So if a policyholder is in a car accident and it is revealed that he/she was under the influence of alcohol then the insurer will likely reject any claim made by the policyholder.

Not telling the truth

Importantly, never lie to an insurance company. A policyholder should be honest to his/her insurer from the start because the insurer can terminate the policy due to the breach of contract caused by the policyholder’s dishonesty.

Unlicensed and uninsured drivers

No insurance company will pay for an accident caused by an unlicensed or uninsured driver. Therefore policyholders are encouraged not to give their cars to undesignated people because if their vehicles are involved in accidents, they will pay for the damages and expenses alone.


There is no rocket science required in auto insurance. Importantly, if policyholders can follow some of the tips given below, they will reap the rewards of having a policy.

Carefully and regularly reading a policy

A policy is a legal binding contract that stipulates what the insurer will do for a policyholder if both parties keep their end of the bargain.

Auto Insurance Tips To Get The Right Coverage

Policyholders should not always settle for minimum coverage. In the case of an accident, minimal coverage will offer minimum protection and the policyholder will have to pay the outstanding expenses.

Keeping up-to-date

Policyholders must always be up to date on their policies. So they should pay their premiums on time and renew their policy immediately when it expires. That is because this helps policyholders to make valid claims to insurers should the need arise.

Shopping regularly

A policyholder should regularly keep in check with his insurer and benefits offered by other insurance companies. If a policyholder’s policy expires, it’s a good time to look at what other insurance companies can offer him/her. Really, there is no harm in moving to an insurer that promises more benefits at a reduced cost.

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All info was correct at time of publishing January 12, 2019