Do You Have The Right Insurance?

For most vehicle owners, reading a car insurance policy is similar to reading a scribbled document in a foreign language. So it is time to ask yourself, do you have the right insurance? To determine if your car insurance is good for you, consider the following.

The basics are understandable, but aside from that, you don’t know much about your insurance policy. When understanding comes poorly, one often wonders whether one has made the right choice regarding car insurance. So it is time to ask yourself, do you have the right insurance? To determine if your car insurance is right for you, consider the following:


The Right Insurance

The right insurance for your Surroundings

Keeping all variables in mind, including those out of your control, is crucial. These include theft, vandalism, the weather and so much more. The list can tend to be endless if looked at into detail! You need to consider buying a car insurance plan that will cover all possible damages that could occur where you are daily.


Your car insurance plan needs to fit your budget. If you’re struggling to meet your monthly premiums, you need to cut back on certain coverage. Never pay for extra benefits that you do no need. If your car isn’t worth the coverage you’re buying, never pay more than you can afford.

Company Professionalism

Think about the company you are using and how they handle claims. Dealing with bad insurance companies will only cause frustration. Get to know the business you are working with, read reviews before choosing an insurer. Rather pay a bit more than trying to save a Rand or two by choosing a company with poor business skills.

Beyond The General

Keep in mind what lifestyle you have. When you are cautious in general, an insurance plan providing extra coverage might bring you more peace of mind. When your finances are stable, and you know how much you will be able to afford out of pocket for repairs and other charges related to an accident, structuring a plan with higher deductibles might suit you better. If you know that you have poor driving abilities or frequently end up being a victim of someone else’s bad driving skills, your insurance plan should give you significant cover for such eventualities. If you travel a lot make sure that you use an insurance company that will be able to assist you 24/7 countrywide. Consider all the various factors.

Each person will have their set of question to ask themselves when trying to determine whether the car insurance they plan to choose or currently have is the right fit for them. The main thing to consider in general is whether your insurance plan provides coverage for all that is needed and if it fits your budget. If these two factors are marked off as positive, chances are good that you won’t find a better-suited insurance plan elsewhere. If not, then you might need to consider given your insurance a bit more thought.

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 13, 2018