Online Car Insurance 24 Hours a Day from Miway

Today the internet is making life easier for us in many ways. For instance, you can now get online car insurance.  Companies like Miway, do not only offer you policies online. However, they also have a system that allows you to make any claims online. That saves us much of time and effort.

Today there are many companies offer car insurance. But you will want to get online car insurance with a company that makes the whole process easier. They do this without compromising on the quality of the insurance. Miway is one such company.

Various Types of Online Car Insurance

Although you can deal with them online, they still have a broad range of different comprehensive insurance policies. And they also provide one of the best customer care services available in South Africa today.

Online Car Insurance

Some of their customer care services include roadside assistance and a take you home service if required. As mentioned, they also provide a hassle free online car insurance claim service. That helps you process your claim more quickly which also means you receive a payment faster.

All insurance companies will charge an excess fee. That is a fee you must pay as the first portion of any claim you submit. But each of the different companies have their own rates for what that excess fee should be.

Miway Advantages

Another advantage of Miway insurance is that they clearly state, in advance, what their excess fees will be and so you receive no surprise at the time of an accident when the last thing you need is yet another surprise. These are just some of the ways in which Miway insurance can make your life easier if you should choose to use them.

Like other car insurance companies, Miway will offer you third party, third party fire and theft or comprehensive insurance policies and although the policies offered by most companies are similar, their prices can vary widely, as can their level of customer care.

It is therefore important that you look around for a good insurance company to take your car insurance out with and you can of course start by checking out those that like Miway, offer an online service complete with online quotes.

Rejected Claims

In recent years the number of rejected claims in South Africa has increased. And so as well as ensuring which company you insure with, you should also check very carefully all the terms of the policy you choose to take put.

Usually, the claims have been rejected because although the car owner thought that their insurance covered their situation; it didn’t. You, therefore, need to check who can drive the car on that policy, are there any servicing schedules that have to be adhered to for the policy to remain valid and does the policy state the correct details of the vehicle you are insuring.

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All info was correct at time of publishing November 25, 2018