How to choose a car insurance company

When you choose a car insurance company, you want peace of mind. In this article, we will discuss key factors to take into account when you shop for car insurance.

Window shopping

There is no one insurance company in the market. The prospective policyholder should visit multiple companies to get quotes. This step is crucial when you choose a car insurance company. This will help you compare and decide which car insurance is right for you.

Some will be cheap, and some will be expensive, but the person should strive to buy coverage from a company that offers good value for money. It is advisable to get at least three quotes before making a choice.


Choose a Car Insurance CompanyIt is always desirable to do business with a legal and licensed company. A prospective policyholder must check if the company is registered and licensed. This will insure that when you choose a car insurance company, that they are reliable.

Next, the person must consider the company’s financial standing. A financially sound company is more trustworthy than one that is drowning in debt.

Customer service

There is nothing more important than customer service. The prospective policyholder may call or visit the company to gauge their level of customer service.

It is good to buy auto insurance from a company with a quick and efficient customer service. This means that in times of need, the company will respond to claims faster and will quickly resolve a customer’s problem.

Coverage offered and premiums paid

A person must know the kind of coverage that he/she wants before visiting the auto insurance company. When the person contacts the insurance company, he/she will be presented with the policies offered, and he/she will choose the one that best fits his/her requirements.

What is also important is the premiums the policyholder must pay. The person must not aim for cheap premiums, but for affordable premiums that will fully cover him/her in case, there is an accident or some other issues.

Social media

Many companies now use social media as a platform for marketing and communicating with the target audience.

A person must check an auto insurance company’s media accounts to see how they respond to questions and suggestions. This would also give the person a feel of how the company values its customers and how much it is committed to meet its clients halfway.

Reviews and complaints

Each company is prone to both positive and negative reviews. If a companies complaints and bad reviews outweigh the good reviews, then it is better to stay away from that company.


Although many services can be completed online or telephonically, it is advisable for a policyholder to buy auto insurance from a company whose offices are near him/her.

This ensures that in case the policyholder needs to visit the company’s offices, he/she should do so quickly, efficiently and at a low cost.

Choose a Car Insurance Company

If you take into account all these key factors. You can have peace of mind that you will be with a reputable car insurance company. The good news is that the South African auto insurance industry is financially healthy at the moment.

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All info was correct at time of publishing January 10, 2019