7 Reasons Why You Need Car Insurance

We all sometimes wonder why we need certain things like car insurance. Is it just another gimmick or does it actually bear merit? We will take a look at seven reasons why you need it and how car insurance quotes can help you to make it more affordable.

The financial implications of car insurance

The main purpose of car insurance is to ensure that you have the funds available to repair or replace your car should it be damaged in an accident or get stolen. Car damages can amount to thousands of Rands especially if you are looking at more expensive makes of vehicles.

People often do not have this money available to pay for these costs. This is where insurance for cars comes in handy. You know you will be covered in the event that you might need it and the costs will not cripple you financially.

The legal implications

It often happens that insurance companies hold the guilty party in an accident accountable for the costs incurred by the other party.

This territory often comes with legal battles as well. Insurance agencies like King Price insurance and AA insurance adds additional legal cover to their policies, which in return ensures that you will be covered for the legal and third party costs incurred in these types of car insurance claims.

Peace of mind

The high theft and road accident rates makes car insurance in South Africa a valuable tool in providing you with the peace of mind to know that you will not lose your wheels in the event of a mishap.

7 Reasons You Need Car Insurance

You can insure more than one vehicle at a time

Most of the families and households in South Africa own more than one vehicle. If you purchase comprehensive car insurances you can cover more than just your main vehicle. All of these vehicles will be listed in the same policy, that reduces both admin and premium costs.

Car insurance can be affordable

To ensure that you receive the best cover for the least expense it is important that you compare car insurance quotes or in the event of more than one car; multi car insurance quote. By comparing the quotes from various insurance companies you will be enlightened in regards to claims procedures, cash back bonuses and additional requirements as well.

You get to choose the company you insure with

Banks in general will not provide motor finance without proof of vehicle insurance. The banks usually give you the chance to choose the company yourself. In the event that you do not pick an insurance agency the banks will pick the provider on your behalf. This can lead to higher premiums or inadequate cover.

You sometimes get something back for the money you spend on car insurance.

Some of the companies providing this type of insurance often add additional benefits to their insurance plans. These benefits can be anything from cash back bonuses and GPS systems to reduced costing of vehicle tracking accounts.

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All info was correct at time of publishing August 6, 2018