Are you Looking for a Cheap Car Insurance Policy?

Sometimes the facts don’t tell you enough. South Africa has a bewildering amount of insurance companies that offer a cheap car Insurance policy and feature after feature.

You’ve got to probe deep if you want cheap car insurance which doesn’t disappoint.

The only way you can know that your cheap car insurance policy is going to deliver is to request quotes and then compare them thoroughly. Feature for feature, exclusions and excess costs etc.

Make a list of your requirements. If your job or lifestyle requires you to drive alone at night, you’ll want insurance that offers emergency assistance.

You don’t Have to sacrifice Quality for a cheap car Insurance policy

Cheap car insurance policy

There are plenty of useful tips that can be referred to when searching for the best insurance company that stands out with their affordability.

You will notice that choosing a cheap car insurance company and choosing a cheap policy doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice quality.

Before signing up for, and committing to a particular car insurance policy, make sure that you are aware of the benefits that come with it as well as the exclusions.

In fact, compare all the benefits the company offers and look at their excess amounts, their exclusions as well as their add-on products.

Weigh up the Pros and Cons of a cheap car insurance policy

You need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each plan. There are quite a few insurance quote websites which allow you to comparison shop. These are,,, among others.

Get all the Information you Need to compare quotes

The sites will provide you with a wealth of information on all the different car insurance companies. By filling in separate insurance forms and submitting them, you will receive comparative quotes on your screen.

No more driving around or making endless phone calls, compare car insurance policies under one roof. You’ll also be able to compare the latest premiums according to your age, gender, and type of car you drive. All websites offer you an instant insurance quote online.

Read about every benefit on offer as well as premium and excess costs, and discover how you can also get some discounts.

For instance, there are car insurance policies that give you discounts just because of your low mileage. It is worth knowing if you qualify for any important discount criteria.

Optional Benefits

If you make use of the companies as mentioned above when looking at cheap insurance policies, you’ll discover ways to tailor your comprehensive car insurance policy.

Even with the most expensive car insurance, there are ways to make the premiums that much cheaper while still enjoying all the benefits. One of these benefits is Roadside Assistance; it’s important in a country like South Africa.

You can’t be alone on the road with a flat tyre or breakdown. Roadside Assistance means you’ll get help quickly.

Cheap but good

Remember too, that if you’re a good driver and can show a good no-claims record, you’ll be able to benefit from low prices. Bear in mind that in choosing a cheap car insurance policy, you always want to deal with the one that has a good track record and financial stability.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 11, 2018