Comprehensive Car Insurance

With so many different types of car insurance available it is important to understand every aspect. We will look at comprehensive car insurance here.

What is comprehensive car insurance?

Car insurance companies offer three different types of car insurances. These are third party only cover, third party, fire and theft cover and finally comprehensive cover.

Third party cover is used to cover the insurer against all legal and financial claims that may result from damage to another person’s property. Anywhere in the world third party cover is some of the most vital types of car insurance to buy.Fire and theft cover does exactly what it says. It covers your car against fire or theft.

Comprehensive car insurance is a combination of third party, fire and theft and accident cover. Accident insurance provides cover for repairs or replacement if your car is in an accident.It also covers wheels that need to be replaced because of pothole damage.

Companies that offer car insurance quotes online like Auto and General and Budget car insurance offers you the option to choose if you want comprehensive car insurance cover or any of the other options.

The price of car insurance

Insurance for cars can be expensive and comprehensive cover even more so. Because this kind of cover is all-inclusive it is sometimes more costly than for instance third party cover only. Most comprehensive
car insurance is based on average car insurance rates. What makes it expensive is the amount of third party cover you choose and the extra benefits. Extra benefits can include roadside assistance, courtesy cars, medical assistance, towing and storage cover, and contents cover.

Comprehensive car insurance

Can comprehensive car insurance be cheap car insurance?

Yes, there are many companies available that offers affordable comprehensive cover. The best way to ensure that you get cheap insurance is to compare as many quotes as possible. Remember that the cheapest car insurance may not always be the best. Cheaper insurance often have higher co-payments. Rather buy a more costly option and limit the extras to get the best out of your comprehensive car insurance.

Why do you need comprehensive cover?

Comprehensive cover is essential in South Africa. The state of our roads alone should be a clear indication that you need more than just fire, theft and third party cover. Every driver on the roads runs the risk of an accident. Without this cover, you may not be able to pay for repairs or replace your car if it is no longer working. Most people’s cars are their pride and joy. Comprehensive cover will ensure that it stays that way. Read more about investing in car insurance here.

Can comprehensive car insurance be combined with other insurance?

Yes, most companies offers insurance that combines car and homeowners insurance. By linking your car and household insurance you may even get cheaper quotations and much less paperwork and banking costs. Get the best for your money by insuring all of your property at a single insurer.

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All info was correct at time of publishing January 29, 2021