Why Get Car Insurance From PSG?

Why get car insurance? If you own a car and do not have auto insurance, you are taking a great chance. Yes, you will be saving what you would be paying in monthly premiums, but think about the risk you’re exposing yourself to.

Why get car insurance? What will happen if you get in an accident? Or worse still, if you cause the accident? Do you have enough cash stashed away to take care of repairs to your car and the repairs required by the other party’s vehicle?

Think about what you will do if you are a victim of vehicle theft, like many other South Africans in the recent past. Will your hundred-thousand-Rand investment go down the drain if cops fail to find your car?

why get car insuranceIf you’ve got a chill in your spine from thinking about these possibilities, good. We hope we have inspired you to begin shopping for car insurance.

When you start looking, you will find that many companies sell car insurance, but there are many reasons you should settle for PSG.

Car Cover With Options

Do you own a basic saloon, luxury limo or SUV? You can count on PSG for cover. Even if you ride a bakkie or drive a minibus, PSG has what you need.

PSG offers car insurance products from a variety of leading providers. Within the many policies they give to South Africans you will find one that matches your individual needs.

We offer the three basic kinds of vehicle cover that are standard worldwide: third party only, third party, fire and theft and comprehensive insurance.

Why Get Car Insurance? Here are Three Options

Comprehensive insurance is the most recommended kind of auto insurance as it covers the car owner against virtually any risk. With this cover, you will be compensated if you lose your vehicle to carjackers or thieves.

You will also be compensated if your car is destroyed by fire while parked. In case you are in an accident, repairs to your vehicle and the vehicle you damaged, they will take care of it.

From the extent of cover offered you can tell that this kind of insurance will be quite costly. In fact, it is the most expensive of the three categories of cover.

Third-party only, It is the most basic kind of vehicle protection in the market.

So, With a third party policy, if you cause damage to someone else’s car, the insurer will pay for it.

However, you will have to cater for any damage to your vehicle from your pocket.

People with cheap second-hand cars or who cannot afford any other kind of cover can opt for this kind of policy.

Third-party, fire and theft insurance offers broader protection than an essential third party only policy. The Insurer will cover you if your car has fire damage or if you are a victim of auto theft.

But like with third party only cover, this kind of policy is limited in the case of an accident.

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 1, 2018