Car insurance laws Overview

    October 11, 2018

    Car insurance laws overview will tell you that there are laws that every South African car owner should be aware.

    How old must you be to drive in South Africa, what side of the road do South Africans drive on, who must wear a seat belt, must you carry a driver’s licence with you when driving?

    Did you know for instance that a new rule came into effect in November 2015? It states that drivers in South Africa must provide proof of residence when they are renewing their vehicle licence? Drivers are angry; if they aren’t able to produce a proof of residency all vehicle licence discs will in all likelihood be rejected.

    This new rule came into effect by the National Department of Transport as part of Regulation 32A of the National Road Traffic Regulations.

    Know the Car insurance laws That will Impact on You

    Car insurance laws

    The Financial Services Board regulates the insurance sector regarding legislation.

    Consumers need to know this and the laws that impact on the rights of car owners.

    South Africans have to keep left on the roads for instance and always buckle up.

    Distances are in kilometres and the using of cell phones while driving is against the law. The speed limit on South Africa’s national highways is 120km, on other roads, it’s 100km and in the towns and cities its 60km.

    There are always Rules and Car insurance laws

    When people buy a vehicle in South Africa, they need to register the vehicle in their name. They know nothing about licensing and other related issues. The law requires that every motor vehicle using South African roads must be licensed.

    Even if you don’t receive a renewal notice, you have to license your vehicle. A required fee has to go to the Registering Authority, and both the seller and buyer have to complete the relevant sections of the Notice of Change of Ownership and also submit this to the Registering Authority.

    The statutory law governs the insurance sector by different Acts presented by Parliament.

    Some car insurance laws and their impact on the rights of car owners are –

    • Short Term Insurance Act 53 of 1998
    • Policyholder Protection Rules 2004
    • Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 37 of 2002
    • Financial Services Ombud Schemes Act 37 of 2004


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