Wesbank Car Insurance – We’ve Come A Long Way

Wesbank Car Insurance is one of the oldest car finance companies in South Africa and part of a much larger financial empire.

Wesbank started 40 years ago and offers many different services. They give personal loans to individuals, help people buy and sell cars as well as offer credit and Petro cards. For businesses, they help companies to buy assets such as vehicles and equipment.

Apart from lending people and businesses money to buy things, Wesbank, also provides insurance services.

Wesbank Car Insurance Protects You Comprehensively

Wesbank car insuranceIn general, they offer three kinds of insurance: business insurance, personal insurance and vehicle insurance.

Wesbank Car insurance, as one of the leading car insurance companies in South Africa, has a good selection of covers that car owners can use. Wesbank’s main vehicle insurance product is the comprehensive car insurance cover. Unlike other companies that claim to offer the best car insurance in South Africa, Wesbank does not offer other limited types of cover.

You will not get third party only insurance or fire and theft cover there. If you buy a car through Wesbank car finance, they will require you to take comprehensive insurance on it. This way both you and Wesbank will be protected in case of loss.

Comprehensive Cover from Wesbank – You Pay a Bit More But Get a Lot More

The comprehensive cover offered by Wesbank Car Insurance, like that offered by other insurance companies, covers you from all types of damage or loss. If the car is involved in an accident, Wesbank will pay for repairs to it.

Should you get involved in an accident and other people are hurt or suffer a loss in any way, Wesbank will take care of repairs to their car and medical expenses. If the people take you to court, Wesbank will pay the lawyer’s fees and other costs.

Even if your car is damaged by fire or stolen, Wesbank will compensate you. That is why when looking for insurance for cars, it is always recommended to go for the comprehensive cover even when other types are available.

This is why Wesbank Car Insurance believes you are better off paying a little extra for complete cover.

Other Additional Covers from Wesbank Car Insurance

Besides the primary comprehensive cover, Wesbank Car Insurance offers car owners other additional kinds of cover.

CoverPlus is great if you’re buying your car through Wesbank Finance or any other car loan company. If the car is stolen or is damaged beyond repair and you have not finished paying for it, the CoverPlus cover will pay the remainder.

This will save you the pain of continuing to pay for a car you can no longer use. Even when the vehicle gets minor dents or scratches, you can use this cover to repair them.

SMART Cover from Wesbank Keeps Your Car In Showroom Condition

The SMART cover is even better for minor car repairs. If you have this cover, mobile repairs can be done on your car whenever it is possible. The process of settling your claim is easy and the monthly payments are not very big. The plus side is that you’ll get a better price for your car when you wish to sell it.

So when looking the best car insurance South Africa has to offer, be sure to pick car insurance quotes from Wesbank Car Insurance.

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All info was correct at time of publishing July 4, 2018