How to compare car insurance quotes in SA

Here in this article, we will have a look at how to compare car insurance quotes in South Africa.

  1. Compare with a reputable comparison site such as Hippo
  2. Compare different car insurance companies online
  3. By filling in the online form, you’ll receive quotes according to your date to compare
  4. Choose several companies and check their complaint records on a site such as HelloPeter
  5. Eliminate several companies and start researching the ones that appeal to your needs

There are different car insurance companies that offer features that appeal to different drivers. These drivers have often heard by word of mouth that they get a good deal from these companies.

Comparing enables you to Save – How to compare car insurance quotes

How to compare car insurance quotesOne thing is for sure in South Africa – you need to compare the car insurance company just as avidly as you compare your car insurance quotes. It’s important to compare both car insurance quotes as well as car insurance companies. By comparing, you sift the good from the bad and in doing so, save yourself hundreds of Rands.

Your car insurance needs to be looked at at least once a year. You want to make sure that you aren’t paying too much for your premium. Life changes, and as you go through life and your circumstances change, you need to once again compare quotes and perhaps go with something cheaper but just as good.

The process for comparing car insurance is simple and requires –

  • using the online quote comparison tool to allow you to check out car insurance rates side by side
  • what a pleasure – you don’t have to phone around to different companies or fill in lots of forms – a company like Hippo does it all for you – you simply fill in one little form

More on comparing quotes

  • you receive quotes from the leading car insurance companies, leaving you to make an informed choice
  • you can then do some of your own research on the insurance company that appeals to you.
  • important things to look at when choosing a car insurance company are their prices as well as their claims service.
  • you’ll want to be looking at the complaints against them.
  • choose the insurance company that offers you precisely what you need. Most insurance companies provide an insurance calculator on their website so that you can roughly work out what you’ll pay for your insurance.
  • check out the car insurance company’s discounts. Understand how you can save when you bundle home- and auto insurance. You can also save by ensuring you have a good driving record. By installing good anti-theft devices and a tracking system for your car you bring down the cost of your insurance premium.

Pay Only what you can Afford – How to compare car insurance quotes

Take control of your car insurance. The best insurance companies in South Africa don’t just offer a one-size-fits-all type of insurance. Once you fill in the online form, they tailor your car insurance to your needs.

If you’re battling with making ends meet, there is no need to buy comprehensive car insurance so that you end up battling to pay your premiums each month.

Compare car insurance with a reputable comparison site, submit your form and have peace that you made the right decision.

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All info was correct at time of publishing January 13, 2019