Find a Lost Item Left in an Uber Car

How do I find a lost item left in an Uber car?

  • There are no guarantees of the return of a lost item
  • Contact your Uber driver directly
  • Always file a police report
  • Pay the Uber driver if he returns the lost item
  • The driver’s services cost less than a locksmith

There are two options available when losing a personal item left in an Uber car.

Passengers can contact the driver directly, using Uber’s lost item web page or via the Uber app.

The other option is to submit a claim directly, giving full details of the lost item.

However, there is no guarantee either way that the item(s) will be returned.

Lost Item in an Uber CarFAQ

There are some of the frequently asked questions posted on Uber’s web page:

  • I left my phone in an Uber vehicle and the driver is not responding to my calls. What should I do?
  • Call the Uber support line and let them know that you cannot get hold of the driver. A support line staff member should be able to contact the Uber driver to report that you left the phone in the vehicle and organise for its return.
  • I left my wallet in an Uber car and the driver has not responded to my call? What can I do?
  • Call the police and report the incident. When filing the report, give the police the driver’s information, tag #, and all relevant details. Failing to do this will mean there is no record of filing a police report if your identity is stolen or bank account/credit cards drained. You should also try contacting Uber customer service before you filing a police report.
  • I left my phone in an Uber. The driver returned it to me the next day but asked for $30. What should I do?
  • Pay him. If you lock yourself out of a car it would cost you far more for a locksmith. The Uber driver is taking time out of his work day to provide you with a service.
  • When I try to log into the Uber web page I am asked to enter a verification code that has been sent to my phone. I lost my phone in the Uber car, so how do I log in?
  • Use another cell phone to access the email containing the verification code. There is also the option, mentioned in the email forwarded after a ride, to contact the driver directly.


Helpful tips

  • Uber covers the cost of shipping returned items
  • Uber donates lost items unclaimed for 45 days to charity



While following these steps will increase the chance of retrieving lost items, Uber does not guarantee the return of valuables left in Uber vehicles.

All info was correct at time of publishing November 4, 2018