Results for the leading car insurance firm in South Africa

    January 21, 2019

    Read about who is the leading car insurance firm in South Africa and how they tested.

    • South Africans have voted and the results are in
    • After looking at hundreds of reports, name the top insurer
    • Insurers rated in terms of set categories
    • Firms classed as small or large depending on stats
    • put twenty-two South African firms to the test

    The popular website, released the results for its third annual review of South Africa’s motor insurers. The site takes ratings gathered over the space of twelve months from in order to decide who receives top honours.

    The leading Car insurance Firm in South Africa sets a High benchmark

    Leading car insurance firm in South AfricaEach rating the firm gets is analysed to form a complete picture of how the company deals with clients. Whilst one or two complaints might be merely spiteful, receiving higher levels of complaints all the time indicates that the company needs to improve.

    Though the results are open to interpretation, they are still the best way to judge these categories. This is a first-time test in South Africa.

    The site gives consumers in South Africa the chance to either compliment or complain about a company that they have dealt with. The idea behind the site is to show up firms that always deliver poor service and to praise those that always offer good service.

    Anyone is able to register on the site and log complaints or compliments as they see fit.

    The basic Classification

    A maximum of 500 reports defined big firms and fewer reports, small firms. The areas tested are listed below:

    • Call centre
    • Feedback and response
    • Breach of contract
    • Repairs and servicing
    • Billing and accounts

    And the Winners are

    In the big company section, Discovery took first place. Second place was Outsurance and third place MiWay. The small company section saw AA Insurance take first place. Second place Momentum and third place a tie between Mutual and Federal and Alexander Forbes.

    To date, the research has become very popular with people. And, the effect of this on insurers can only be good – knowing they are being measured against each other in this manner is a positive influence on them.

    Even though the results are not set in stone, they give a good idea of the general culture of the business and how they are seen by their clients. It also helps to make the motor insurance industry a little more open.

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