Why does car insurance for women have much lower premiums?

In recent years car insurance for women has undergone major changes.

Mainly driven by the fact that women do less damage to their cars.

Research shows that women drivers are safer, make more cautious decisions and are less inclined to road rage than men.

Women drivers don’t have fewer accidents than men, but those who do, tend to do less damage than those involving men drivers.

This results in lower repair costs.

Car insurance for women means lower insurance premiums for women

Car insurance for womenSo, research shows that women should pay lower car insurance rates and get better benefits. Some insurance firms now specialise in offering such policies.

The leader among these is First for Women. Most insurance companies now take gender into account to determine premiums.

Car insurance is vital to protect you from the many things that can happen to your car. Such as theft, a crash or engine trouble. It’s also important to make sure you have the best insurance possible for the price you can afford.

Types of car insurance for women – Comprehensive

Car insurance comes in many forms with varied cover. You can get Comprehensive car insurance which covers all eventualities and offers all sorts of extra benefits. These include medical and roadside assistance, trauma aid and counselling.

Third-party, fire and theft

A low-value car is still insured with Third-party, fire and theft if it is stolen or if you cause damage to another vehicle. However, you cannot claim for damage to your own car with this cover.

Third party insurance only

If you really believe your car is not worth recovering from theft or an accident, then get a Third party only policy. The policy insures you against damage you may cause to another vehicle but you pay the cost of repairs to your car.

All companies offer different options within their car insurance deals for women, Remember, as a woman, your premiums should be lower for better coverage.

As your car gets older your insurance premiums should drop in line with the falling replacement cost. Check to make sure this happens.

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 7, 2018