The Automobile Association – Pioneers in motoring safety

What are the facts about the Automobile Association that you need to know?

  • The AA specialise in caring for motorists
  • Started 83 years ago and getting stronger
  • They are constantly trying to improve their service and products
  • AA members can rely on them to assist in claims against the Road Accident Fund
  • A number of value-adds that make sense are available
  • Pioneers of Roadside Assist


The AA is a legend when it comes to motoring services and is a pioneer of products that people take for granted today.

Facts about the Automobile Association – You get a Lot more than What you Pay for

Facts about the Automobile AssociationWhen you consider all the backroom work in devising a product or service that motorists need, you realise that the benefit far outweighs the minimal monthly cost. The standard free Roadside Assistance policy, for example, includes help if you run out of petrol or need a tyre changed. They offer free medical emergency assistance as well.

It’s nice to have the comfort of knowing that the company that pioneered Roadside Assistance in South Africa is behind you.

More than just Roadside Assistance

Members have access to more than this though. The following are benefits that you might not have thought of but are very useful:

  • Members get access to free AA maps and discounts on AA publications
  • Membership packages include more than just assistance – with some plans, you get car care kits, first aid kits, etc.
  • The “Show Your Card” plan allows you to earn rewards and qualify for discounts at participating suppliers abroad. This means savings for you when it comes to accommodation and other services that you might need when travelling internationally
  • The AA has also partnered with several suppliers within South Africa so that you can qualify for discounts with them as well

Several membership Levels

Choose the amount of assistance you require when you decide on your membership plan. Should you need a service that is not included free on your plan, you can still access it – you will just need to pay to do so.

Facts about the Automobile Association – A trusted Name

The AA has been around for a very long time. The initial focus was on motorists, but now the organisation aims to assist you whenever you travel. They can help with various items to make your journey stress free – visa applications, trip bookings, maps, magazines, mileage distances, weather and more.

AA the consumer Advocate and Supporter

Part of the AA’s remit is consumer advocacy. It fights to make South Africa’s roads safer and to make things better for all motorists. They have value-adds that you can choose to enhance your policy with. These include fighting on your behalf for compensation from the Road Accident Fund.

They can also assist you with claims that need to be made against a road management authority as a result of pothole damage.

AA for Peace of Mind

This article has given you some information on who the AA is and what benefits they offer. They also have vehicle insurance on offer. If you need a quote fill in the form on this page and be amazed.

All info was correct at time of publishing January 26, 2019