Mutual & Federal Car Insurance

With over a century of experience in the insurance industry, Mutual & Federal have distinguished themselves in the South African market with a broad range of products and outstanding service. Drawing from their deep understanding of their market they have developed policies tailored to suit the needs of everyone. That is due to the longevity of the firm’s core staff. Some of them have been with Mutual and Federal for more than three decades.

Mutual & Federal – Wide Range of Insurance Products

Another is the sheer range of their products; their policies offer cover to individuals, families, entrepreneurs, as well as farmers. When it comes to motor insurance, they provide policies to owners of saloon cars, caravans, bakkies and motorbikes. Each category of products aims to offer its target as much flexibility as possible such that it meets their needs and budget adequately. For instance, they can combine motor and household insurance to bring down premiums. Another way Mutual and Federal can help you reduce your monthly contributions is by a  first amount payable option. An excess free option is available to pensioners if they are willing to add a little something to their premiums. Further savings are possible if you switch from paying monthly premiums to making annual lump sum payments.

Mutual & Federal

Mutual & Federal – Additional Benefits

If you wish to receive additional benefits with your Mutual and Federal car insurance, you can subscribe to the Allsure which includes Swiftcare. Among the features of Swiftcareareroadside assistance and help in case of medical emergencies. There is a card protection feature too that comes in handy if you lose your valuables to thieves and home call out if you are unable to leave the house because your vehicle is not functioning. These and other extras were conceived with the aim of giving policyholders as much peace of mind as possible when they are on the road. The idea is to offer you as much convenience as possible without putting too big a hole in your wallet.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 31, 2018