Motor Thrift Car Insurance From Prime Meridian

Motor Thrift car insurance. Prime Meridian Direct is a relatively new player in South Africa’s motor insurance landscape. The company had been around for a while but only decided to step into car insurance in 2009.

They did so because they observed that many South Africans were driving around without insurance as they deemed it an expensive luxury.

Prime Meridian thus introduced its first range of car insurance product under the name Total Loss Motor Insurance. Along the way, the company has tweaked its offerings to better cater to the needs of the market.

Motor Thrift car insuranceIntroducing Prime Motor Thrift car insurance

One of the new products they have come up with in the quest for affordable car insurance is Prime Motor Thrift car insurance.

It is a comprehensive insurance package that offers the policyholder cover against numerous types of risk.

As a Prime Motor Thrift car insurance subscriber, you will be covered against total loss if your car is written off in an accident.

That means they will replace your vehicle in the event it is damaged beyond repair in a road accident.

And what about if you have a minor accident? The good people at Prime Meridian have thought of this too. They have an optional add-on called the Accident Contribution Benefit. With this, you get growing cover to cater for smaller accidents.

That will be a great relief to South African drivers in light of how dangerous the country’s roads are.

A survey recently revealed that over 18,000 fatal road accidents are reported on South African roads every year.

If the accidents that cause death are that many, you shudder to think how many non-fatal accidents there are within our borders. Thank goodness for Prime Motor Thrift.

Should you be found to be at fault in an accident, you have little to worry about as a Prime Motor Thrift policyholder. Your cover comes with third party liability protection of up to R500,000.

Even if loss or damage to your car using fire or a natural disaster, they will compensate you.

Should you lose your car to carjackers or robbers, you will also get a replacement. Talk about covering all bases.

Less red tape

Motor insurance is expensive and prohibitive. Prime Meridian, having studied the market and becoming familiar with its needs, has come up with ways to bring down the barriers.

While other firms are less willing to take a chance on younger drivers, Prime Motor Thrift covers drivers as young as 19. While other companies are hesitant to touch older cars, Prime lets you cover a car up to 15 years old.

More extras

There are two huge reasons why many car owners have made Prime Meridian’s car insurance their first and last resort. Premiums never increase, and you never pay the excess.

That’s right; they did mean it when they said affordable car insurance. But if you’re willing to top up on your premiums, here are some juicy extras you’re in for:

  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Car hire reimbursement
  • Windscreen replacement


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All info was correct at time of publishing November 28, 2018