Top 11 Car Accessories

Given how much time many of us spend on our cars, they’re often almost like a second home. There are therefore many accessories that can make them more efficient and more comfortable. After dealing with the obvious things a spare wheel and tools for dealing with flat tires, there are some other accessories that drivers could consider. Here are some top 11 car accessories to have.

For safety and emergencies – Top 11 Car Accessories

Antigravity Batteries

These lithium batteries weigh only 400g and can jump start your car while also powering many of your devices. They’re imported and available online in South Africa.

Keychain car escape tool

Top 11 Car Accessories

This is a tiny tool which could help you if you were to be trapped in your vehicle after a car accident. It has a sharp blade, which could help you cut your seatbelt in an emergency as well as a powerful spring-loaded spike, which could break a window. These imported tools are available online.

Car first aid kit

This is for dealing with cuts, scrapes and various other medical conditions and would be very useful in an emergency. It contains items such as antiseptic ointment, burn gel, plasters and bandages, gloves and torch, CPR mask and instant cold packs.

Smartphone or Smartphone-FM transmitter

Syncing your smartphone to your vehicle hands-free makes for safer driving, allowing you to listen to music and answer calls through the sound system without taking your eyes off the road. If your car doesn’t have these capabilities, which require Bluetooth, then you can invest in a smartphone-FM transmitter, which will use FM transmission to play your smartphone music through your car radio.

Dash Cam

You can set a dash cam to record when the car is moving, even at night. It has a sensor that can sense sudden changes in speed as well as collisions and could then record useful footage of an accident.

USB car-charger & smartphone mount

A USB car-charger is a simple, inexpensive item that plugs into the car lighter. And can be very useful for charging smartphones. A smartphone mount is also a cheap accessory and it allows you to mount your phone and see the screen to make calls or follow navigation while keeping your eyes on the road.

Waze app

Waze is a free GPS navigation app that constantly improves itself based on the information provided by its users. It plots the best routes, keeps you away from traffic issues and warns you about traps and roadblocks.

For Style and Organisation – Top 11 Car Accessories

Car boot organizer

This is useful for people who carry a lot of kit in their cars and provides storage for items that can clutter your boot such as car spares, groceries or sports equipment. It stays secure with the help of Velcro strips and keeps items from sliding around in the boot.

Steering Wheel Desk

This allows you to convert the driver’s seat into a mini-desk or dining table. You cannot use this while driving but could be useful if you are sitting in your car for extended periods. So it is imported and available online.

Upholstery Conditioner

This can be used to condition your interior leather, making it smooth and prolonging its life.

Headlight coating tint

These films allow you to transform the color of your headlights, backlights or fog lights. So they also serve to protect the lights from UV rays and gravel.


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All info was correct at time of publishing April 25, 2018