Saloon Car Insurance in South Africa

Call them sedans or saloon cars – they are mostly 4-door cars with space for seating, the engine and luggage. Saloon cars can place 4 or more people comfortably, and they have a fixed roof.
For South Africans, car insurance quotes can be a lot cheaper when you get them from a car insurance comparison site.
You’ll find different plans to suit your budget. And this insurance will protect you from legal expenses when you’re in a car accident. So you might need Saloon Car Insurance.

Car insurance comparison sites provide quotes based on the data you provide them with. They’ll then present you with a car insurance quote which is cheap and which will have all the features you’re looking for.


Compare, and get the Best Deal for Saloon Car Insurance

Saloon Car InsuranceIn South Africa, if you do a lot of driving, it will be to your benefit to look at the fine print of your liability insurance coverage. If you are found guilty for a serious accident where injuries and death, you could be in financial ruin without insurance. Whether you want liability insurance, collision coverage or full coverage, compare and get the best deal.

Liability insurance is about taking care of the other party’s losses and not your own. Car Insurance just requires a premium for financial cover should the vehicle be stolen or in an accident. Car insurance is one of the most popular types of insurances. Paying for damages to the other vehicle as well as injury to the passengers.

In many countries, it is a law to have car insurance but in South Africa; it’s not. It’s a necessity though as most drivers are unlicensed and the insurance serves as protection when you have an accident.

There are different types of insurance –

  • Third party which will cover your legal liability if you damage someone else’s property
  • A Third Party, Fire and Theft – doesn’t provide cover for accidental damage to your vehicle. Full Insurance policy – covers you, your car and the other driver. It is the greatest protection and therefore the most expensive. Covering you for theft, damage caused by accidents, fire as well as natural disasters like floods or hail. It also covers you against claims by third parties when you were responsible for damage to their vehicle.


If you can, go for Full Protection

There is no point in getting little insurance that won’t cover much. There are different layers of protection against theft, injury or damage. And insurance brokers can offer advice on what you need to make an informed decision about the cover offered.

With car liability insurance, the insured person and the insurance company have a contract between them. Where the premium the insured pays will determine the financial support they receive in the event of an accident. There are different car insurance policies available. And in South Africa, drivers are automatically safe with third party insurance as part of the Road Accident Fund.

Individual Factors Determine What Your Premium Will Be For Saloon Car Insurance

Car insurance premiums by certain elements –

  • The condition of the car and its age
  • the safety measures that you have installed
  • your age and gender
  • the usage of the vehicle – if it is for business or other purposes.


There are also other car insurance policies for those people who need to travel across countries.

So saloon car insurance provides peace of mind against a claim from a third party which can ruin you financially.


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All info was correct at time of publishing December 9, 2018