Alexander Forbes Car Insurance

    February 2, 2019

    Short-term insurance covers the likes of cars, motorbikes and household content. South Africa has a host of short-term insurance providers so you will need to compare quotes between them and see which can give you the best deal. Here we will have a look at Alexander Forbes car insurance.

    It pays to do research and to educate yourself on what is covered by your policy and what isn’t. A good idea is to always go to the insurer’s website and check out the monthly premium costs. And also understand how the excess works and whether it’s a fixed amount or a percentage of the value of the claim. You’ll also want to find out about the insurer’s ability to handle claims efficiently and how to choose the best car cover for your needs.

    A Broad Spectrum of Choices – Alexander Forbes Car Insurance

    Alexander Forbes Car InsuranceAlexander Forbes handles car insurance for individuals and organizations. They started out in 1930 and are a leader in the insurance industry.

    They offer a broad spectrum of packages and comprehensive cover. You’ve got the option of paying monthly premiums or annually. Alexander Forbes likes to provide their clients with added benefits and reduced access rates when you secure your car by putting in car alarms and tracker systems.

    • Their car insurance will protect you from damage, fire, theft and 3rd party liability.
    • They also offer insurance for your treasured collectible car which is underwritten by Alexander Forbes Car Insurance. You’ll love the low rates, the fact that Alexander Forbes has decades of experience in specialized motor vehicle insurance and that you also get comprehensive emergency and roadside assistance services.
    • Their Envoy policy covers high earners and this is car insurance which has the least number of exclusions in an insurance policy.

    Reasons to Choose Alexander Forbes

    Just some of the reasons why you’d choose Alexander Forbes Car Insurance

    • if you’re older than 40 years of age and you’ve had your driver’s license for more than 10 years, you stand in line for some discounts
    • Alexander Forbes has offices in all the major cities of South Africa which means quicker, more personalized services
    • claims are processed quickly
    • all of Alexander Forbes Car Insurance packages will replace your vehicle with a brand new vehicle. This is for when you suffer a full loss in the first year of registration at retail value settlement
      Alex Forbes offers products which vary according to the asset insured as well as the policyholder. Their 55 Plus policy is to provide short-term cover for retired individuals and adjusts risk to cater for retirement. They go out of their way to ensure they offer cover for every vehicle and every kind of driver.

    Comprehensive Too Costly? Go with Third Party Only

    Most working people are on the roads every day of their lives. This is when car insurance becomes a necessity as you’re always ready for the unexpected. So if Comprehensive Insurance is too much each month for you. At least go with Third Party Only Insurance because this at least protects you when you accidentally damage somebody else’s car.

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