Questions to Ask About Car Insurance

    December 13, 2018

    Buying car insurance can be a stressful process on its own, so it is crucial to ask the right questions about car insurance. Claiming from your insurer should thus be a breeze. To ensure that it is, you need to know every detail regarding your insurance before you decide to buy it. Without this knowledge, you might end up buying car insurance from a company that doesn’t meet any of your specific needs.

    Questions About Car Insurance

    If you are unsure about what to ask to find the best car insurance for you, read on!


    questions about car insurance

    What Coverage Will I Receive?

    You need to establish an understanding of the amount or lack of coverage by another party, in the case of theft. You need to be sure that all coverage is set out in precise details.

    Who will be covered by My Chosen Plan?

    Some insurers might offer you the chance to add beneficiaries on your car insurance plan. It is important to ask about this since some companies will not cover an accident caused by someone else who drove your car – even if it is your spouse!

    Will you pay for Original Manufacturer Parts?

    When it comes to this part, it’s best to know the policy regarding original and aftermarket car parts beforehand. Most people assume that original parts will be paid for when the insurance company repairs your vehicle. This is not always the case since aftermarket parts are less expensive.If your preference is original car parts, be sure to get an upgraded plan that includes this so ask the right questions about car insurance, before you sign a contract.

    Are 24 – hour Claim Services Available?

    Getting into an accident or having your car damaged by a natural disaster or theft can be extremely stressful. Be sure to choose an insurance company that will be able to help you 24/7. It will lessen your stress knowing that your insurance company is on standby whenever you need them.

    What Payment Options Are Available?

    Some companies will offer monthly payment options, annual lump sum payments or quarterly payment options. Make sure to inquire regarding this to choose one that will fit your budget best.

    Do you Offer Any Discounts?

    This is a very common among questions about car insurance, almost all insurers offer discounts or added benefits. Although this is the case, never assume that you automatically qualify for these. You need to enquire about this beforehand and make sure which ones you’re eligible for. You should ask for the ones you are eligible for and also the things you want to add to your account.

    What will My Deductible Be?

    Your deductible amount is payable when you were involved in a car accident, and you file a claim. This will be payable before your insurance company pays the rest of your bill. Enquiring about this beforehand is wise.

    What Happens When I Lodge a Claim?

    Make sure that you know exactly how the whole process will work after lodging a claim. Without knowing this, you might face some unexpected speed bumps not prepared for.

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