How to Save on Car Insurance When you Renew Your Policy

How can you save Money when you renew your car insurance policy?

  1. Terribly boring though it may be, read the fine print of your car insurance policy
  2. Inform yourself to spare yourself many problems in the future
  3. Use your No Claim Bonus – for not making a claim, you’re entitled to a discount in the next year’s renewal premium
  4. Calculate the value of your car so that you find the right premium and don’t pay anything unnecessarily
  5. AARTO no longer sends notices reminding you to renew your licence. Check your licence on your windscreen and renew it on time to avoid huge fines


Unlike in many other countries, car insurance isn’t mandatory in South Africa. When you’re pulled off the road, you don’t have to show proof of car insurance. However, you must show your driver’s licence.

Car Insurance for Financed Cars Mandatory

If you buy a new vehicle and you get financing through the bank, you have to buy comprehensive car insurance, and Save When You Renew Your Car Insurancefailure to insure your financed car can jeopardise the continuation of your loan.

Car insurance for financed vehicles isn’t optional – it is mandatory. Some people with shady intent cancel their comprehensive cover. Then they downscale to 3rd party cover after taking possession of the financed car. Once this comes to light, the bank can repossess the vehicle.

Several Effective Ways to Save When You Renew

  • Car insurance is expensive.  Once they have repaid the car loan, many people stop their insurance. If you want to continue with your car insurance, don’t allow your existing policy to expire before you renew. Try and renew it well in advance. That is so that if a price hike does happen in that period, your price is locked in. So you won’t have to pay the extra amount.
  • The make and model of your car are important for some insurance companies, and luxury cars will normally carry a heftier premium because they are more expensive to repair. If you drive a high-end car such as Mercedes-Benz, you may need additional insurance to cover all those extra pricey features of the car. The solution could be to drive a less expensive model car.
  • Also, if you combine your household, car and buildings insurance you tackle 3 insurances. A number of insurers offer a lower premium when you combine insurance in one package.


Let’s look at one or two other tips that can help you save some money while renewing your car insurance plan –

More Tips for You

  • Compare different motor insurance plans – ideally the best plan will be provided for you at a competitive price while offering you adequate protection.
  • Opt for a higher deductible. Your deductible affects how much you get paid in a claim, but can save you in insurance costs if you increase your deductible.
  • Rig up your car with safety features as this will help keep insurance costs down.
  • You may want to think twice before buying such a luxury vehicle, more so one that comes from abroad, because replacement parts and repairs may be hard to come by. Insurance companies are often reluctant to provide cover for exotic imported vehicles and will request high insurance premiums.


Insurance companies calculate your car insurance premiums according to your specific risk profile. The above-mentioned tips can help to reduce your risk profile so as to reduce your premiums on your car insurance policy. Comparing insurance quotes is also just as important to ensure you get the best possible rates.

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All info was correct at time of publishing February 10, 2019