Reduce Your Fuel Bill

    April 24, 2018

    Fuel prices are constantly increasing and an average South African can spend between R1000 and R1800 on petrol each month. That’s a significant chunk of earnings and money that could be better spent elsewhere. Here we will discuss how to reduce your fuel bill.

    Affordable electric cars are not yet a reality and therefore petrol is an unavoidable expense for most of us. However, there are some tips that can help reduce your fuel bill and ease the pressure of this constant expense.

    How to reduce your fuel bill

    • Reduce Your Fuel BillKeep windows closed – this prevents drag (especially at higher speeds), which uses more fuel.
    • Fill up in early in the morning – they store petrol underground and is denser at cooler temperatures. As the ground gets warmer during the day, so the fuel expands, and you, therefore, receive less in your tank.
    • Drive slower in a higher gear. Driving fast in a low gear uses up to 45% more petrol than necessary.
    • Fill your tank when it’s half empty rather than closer to empty. The first half of the tank tends to last longer because there is less air in the tank and the fuel evaporates slower.
    • Carpool whenever possible with others who live or work nearby and share the petrol bill. Avoid traveling alone wherever possible.
    • Avoid dirt and gravel roads – driving on them uses up to 30% more fuel.
    • Ensure your tire pressure is correct.
    • Try not to use the air conditioner too much as this can increase your fuel usage by as much as 20%.
    • Don’t brake or accelerate too hard as these both waste petrol – it is much more economical to drive at a constant speed.
    • Drive a little slower – driving an average of 100 km/h uses as much as 15% less fuel than driving at 120 km/h.
    • Check the cap on your petrol tank for damage or if its loose (or even missing) as this can result in spillage from your tank.
    • Ensure dirty air filters and faulty spark plugs are replaced as these can cause your vehicle to run less efficiently and draw more fuel.



    Just being conscious of these points and making some small adjustments to your driving behavior should lead to lower petrol bills, leaving you with a little extra cash at the end of every month.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing