Top Car Insurance Firm in South Africa Announced

Prime Meridian and OutSurance shared the coveted title for the top car insurance in 2014. The duo overtook Momentum and Auto & General during a 12-month study by The study used information on the automotive industry, car reviews, online insurance quotes and insurance company reviews. also sourced information from the popular consumer website That’s because it showcases the views from ordinary people based on the service they received from various insurance companies.

This study was the first of its kind and will continue in its second year. It suggests that insurance companies have to adjust their customer satisfaction strategies. “Although the results may not be 100% scientific, they serve as a good indication of which insurance companies are giving good service, and which still need to improve. Additionally, we firmly believe that studies such as these encourage the insurance companies to do their best at improving customer service and have already seen changes since our report from last year.”

Top Car Insurance Study

Top Car Insurance Firms in South Africa

Researchers reviewed 22 insurance companies, and their total number of reports received over a 12 month period, as well as the number of complaints and compliments. MiWay led the pack with compliments (84%), while Hollard (13%), AIG Insurance (12%) and Regent (11%) ended up at the bottom of the list. Then the researchers divided the companies into two groups based on HelloPeter reports. Researchers did this to make sure the comparison was more accurate: bigger and smaller companies, depending on the number of reports.

The type of complaints was then broken down by allocating points of the best five companies regarding their feedback/response, repairs/servicing, billing/accounts, call centre and breach of contract.

Top Car Insurance – Smaller Company Results


  • Virgin Money Insurance: Feedback/response category, 16% complaints filed.
  • AA Insurance and Sanlam:  Repairs/Servicing category, 0% complaints filed.
  • Prime Meridian:  Billing/Accounts category, 4% complaints filed.
  • Prime Meridian: Call centre category, 2% complaints filed.
  • Mutual & Federal and PPS: Breach of contract category, 3% complaints filed.


Top Car Insurance – Larger Company Results


  • 1st for Women: Feedback/Response category, 15% complaints filed.
  • Old Mutual:  Repairs/Servicing category, 0% complaints filed.
  • Outsurance:  Billing/Accounts category, 10% complaints filed.
  • 1st for Women: Call centre category, 4% complaints filed.
  • MiWay and Dial Direct: Breach of contract category, 5% complaints filed.

The final results were based on each company’s overall rating in all 5 categories and points were allocated to the top 10 companies with the highest rank of compliments.


Your trusty set of wheels is often your most valuable asset, and it deserves the best cover possible. Searching for the right one can prove to be tricky, especially when consultants try their best to make a sale instead of offering the best advice. Shop around, get quotes, compare packages, talk to friends and family and do your homework. Being aware of the relevant information will make decision-making time so much easier because you’ll know it’s the right choice.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 22, 2018