Car Insurance Reviews in South Africa

Which company gets the thumbs up from customers in a car insurance review?

  1. The one that offers reliability and genuine value-for-money services
  2. A company that offers excellent customer services
  3. One that deals fairly, efficiently and speedily with settling of claims
  4. The company that shows it is always improving
  5. Car insurance firms like Santam, Mutual & Federal and Outsurance come out tops


What you may think is the top car insurance firm in South Africa isn’t necessarily what the next person thinks.

Every car insurance review shows that some people are satisfied with having found the cheapest car insurance, thinking this is the ultimate ‘find’. Someone else will look at the quick settlement of claims as the ultimate important feature. Then again someone else might rate a car insurance firm by their customer services.

Car Insurance Company Comparison Sites

There are many car websites that rate these insurance companies.  And they will tell you how many complaints the insurers receive. That includes how many compliments as well as other kinds of feedback.

Car Insurance ReviewThese websites are a valuable resource for information, but while the ratings of insurance company analysts are important, when it comes to figuring out which car insurance company to settle on, you’ll want to know what other customers think about them in a car insurance review.

A Car Insurance Review on Services Reveals a Lot

You’ll want to notice what customers have to say about the ease of filing an insurance claim, how long it takes the insurance company to actually settle the claim and what their customer services were like in dealing with the claim. Some people will say that customer services are the biggest factor. They are the surest way to determine if you’ll be happy with a particular insurer or not.

Look at for instance. They offer information about the car industry. This includes reviews and quotes as well as feedback from people based on the services they received from different car insurance companies.

They will tell you which companies come out tops according to information collected throughout each year. They look at more than 20 insurance firms offering car insurance in South Africa and compare their overall ratings based on customer reports filed on HelloPeter.

There are negative and positive reports being filed every day on HelloPeter and the different insurance companies they deal with and these reports are indicative of the services provided by the companies. is another website that allows you to compare different car insurance companies. They save you plenty of time and money by doing the comparisons for you so that you can find the right products at the right price.

Santam worth a Look


This year, 2017, the most recent South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi) for Short-term  Insurers, reports that short-term insurance customers are the happiest with the offerings they get from Santam. With its SAcsi score of 81.3, this is actually above the industry average of 75.8.

The Index tells us further that Santam has been the only insurer to continually work on- and improve its score over 3 years.

SAcsi is in its 5th year now and offers impartial insight into the South African short-term insurance industry.  In 2017 it shows that Santam, Mutual & Federal and Outsurance are the top 3 performers. The survey included 2,939 customers who were randomly selected.

Customer satisfaction in short-term insurance is driven by the insurer’s ability to meet customer’s needs when a claim is made and the way they go about doing it.

Maybe people will pay more for the 3 companies mentioned as coming out tops in 2017. After all, its where they find the most reliability and value for money.

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All info was correct at time of publishing February 9, 2019