MiWay does Car Insurance differently

If you decide to insure your car in South Africa, do it Miway.

Otherwise, there are many choices you face. Which provider offers the best the deal? The lowest premiums? The best payout rate?

Lifestyle and budget determine your Insurance needs so there is no absolute answer to the question.

There is Only one Way – Miway

One firm comes pretty close; MiWay Insurance. They offer a variety of financial and insurance products.

Provide South Africans value for money, as well as excellent customer service, is its motto.

They demystify financial products making them transparent and easy to understand. MiWay offers household and business insurance besides automobile insurance.

If there is one thing that distinguishes MiWay’s car insurance from the competitors, it is the number of options available.

Miway gives You enough choices to Go Your wayMiway

To begin with, you can choose from four general categories: Third Party Only, Third Party Fire and Theft, Comprehensive and Total Loss.

Third Party Only insurance offers very limited cover and is the most basic package you can get. If your car is in an accident and causes damage, injury or death to another party, MiWay will pay. If your vehicle is destroyed by fire or stolen no compensation is paid out.

Third Party Fire and Theft improves on the above cover by encompassing the risk of loss by fire or theft. It guarantees you compensation in the event your car gets hijacked or stolen and if it is damaged, destroyed by fire or a natural calamity. However, this is still a limited form of cover.

Comprehensive is an all-inclusive kind of cover that includes all types of loss. In the event of an accident injury or loss suffered by other parties will be taken care of.

Any repairs your car needs will be catered for, including a replacement car. A Comprehensive cover includes loss caused by natural disasters or fire.

Another option for Your way

Total Loss compensates the policyholder if they incur the total loss of their vehicle. Whether involved in an accident, a write-off, stolen or hijacked, MiWay will replace it.

However, if it only suffers minor damage, you will have to pay the cost of repairs yourself.

You can choose the value for which you want to insure your car. You can insure it for the retail value, market value, trade value or an agreed value.

One of the most attractive reasons to choose MiWay is that you can do everything online from their website. You can begin by asking for a free quote online.

Using their online facilities will also get you rewards. If you get a quote and buy your policy online, they will pay you back one month’s premiums after three months of subscription.

Request your car insurance quote here, please complete and then submit the form on this page. We will send you a quote fast.

All info was correct at time of publishing October 25, 2018