Drunken Driving and Car Insurance

Having one too many drinks can have an effect on a client’s car insurance. With South Africa’s poor sober driving record, drunken driving will affect a customer’s price tag on their car insurance.

Car insurance policies contain specific clauses when it comes to impaired driving. The stipulations are that an insurance company will not cover a claim if the driver did not have valid driver’s license and was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which

Drunken Driving and Car Insurance

includes the percentage of alcohol exceeding the legal limit.

Insurance Consequences of Drunken Driving

  • The insurance company has no obligation to meet a claim. Effectively, having a crash if you are drunk makes you uninsured against anything.
  • You run the risk of huge fines, a potential prison sentence, a criminal record and replacing or fixing the damaged car without insurance aid.
  • The Road Accident Fund could refuse to pay out claims resulting from a drunken driving accident.Road Accident Fund could refuse to pay out claims resulting from a drunken driving accident.
  • Client revoke: an insurance company could decide that a customer is a high-risk factor and may refuse to continue providing car insurance cover
  • The monthly insurance premium will go up rather heavily due to the client now  considered to be a high-risk driver.
  • If a customer’s driver’s license is suspended, it will be a struggle to get car insurance anywhere.


Severe Repercussions

With such an extensive list of repercussions, it’s not worth driving while intoxicated. In fact, drunken driving is for losers. Don’t drive when you have had even one drink. Go with uber or organise with a friend to take you home. Never put your life in the hands of the insurance companies.


Besides insurance conundrums, lives are at stake. A few moments of intoxicating pleasure is not worth it when it could end the lives of others involved in an accident. Think twice before getting behind the wheel after having a drink or two.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 31, 2018